7 Vital Precautions to Follow Before Formulating a CBD Dosage for Dogs

Cannabidiol (CBD) based medicines have proved to be a lifesaver for canines across the world. Owing to their therapeutic properties with relatively low side-effects, these medicines have started gaining popularity in the pet wellness industry.

If being a pet parent, you are still new to this concept of cannabidiol based medicines, then check out this resource for a quick brief on CBD for our four-legged friends. Having said that the pet wellness industry has been blooming with these canine health supplements but simultaneously there has been a tremendous rise in cases of CBD overdose.

Perhaps, the limited knowledge about dosage calculation and easy access to these drugs has resulted in a health issue of a drug overdose among the canines.

Thus, recognizing the gravity of this health issue, we bring to you 5 vital precautions that you can follow as a pet parent before formulating a cannabidiol dosage. Let’s have a look!

Decoding the Health Issue: Understanding your pet’s health issue makes it easier for you to determine the type of drug dose that needs to be administered. For instance, dogs with chronic health issues need a strong dose of cannabidiol while dogs with minor issues like moderate anxiety can be healed with regular dose. Therefore, an accurate understanding of your canine’s health issue is the key to finding the right health supplement dose type.

Learning the Calculation Basics: The fundamental factor for dosage calculation is your dog’s body weight. Likewise, the dosage determination is also governed by other factors like your dog’s breed, its medical history, dosage frequency, medicine type (oil/capsules), brand-specific dosage guidelines, and many more. An analysis of all these factors leads to the formulation of a correct dose.

Online Drug Dose Calculator: In case you find it confusing to calculate the right amount of dose, you can always seek online assistance from a drug dose calculator. There are many resourceful websites like https://www.holistapet.com/cbd-dosing-chart-for-pets/ that make it easier for pet parents to calculate the right drug dose for their dog in accordance with its health issue. So, ensure to remember this point always.

 Finding a credible seller: You don’t want to prefer a cheap medication and have your dog face the side effects later on. Therefore, credibility plays a pivotal role in formulating the dosage. There could be ample sellers available both, online as well as offline but you must consider their credibility of the source.

If you prefer placing online orders, then make it a point to read through the reviews and recommendations. Similarly, if your source is offline quick research online won’t hurt.

Health history: Health history is yet another parameter that one must consider before opting for any CBD dose for dogs. If your dog has been on medications that may not get along with this substance, it’s better not to opt for it. In such cases, taking the opinion of a doctor or an expert can hugely help.

Seeking Medical Assistance: Even before going ahead with the dose, it is important that one does a complete medical check-up of the dog. Right from allergies to past surgeries, discussing it with a doctor would be helpful as it won’t put the dog at a bad place. While you take the clinical assistance consider undertaking a few dog tests which are important.

Potential Side effects: Let us face it though, CBD can have some minor side effects on your dog.  If you want a detailed idea of it you can read more about the usage and precautions here. That is why these precautions should be taken care of. Also, to get an in-depth analysis of the expected side effects and the way to deal with them one can consider visiting a doctor or an expert who can help beforehand with the right advice.

Our canine friends need to be taken care of properly, therefore self-medication should strictly be avoided. Consult specialists as the number 1 precautionary measure for the dosage. Please consider the age of your canine friend too. If your dog is way too old, avoid this substance as it may lead to side effects if it doesn’t suit the body. We wish you all the very best on this learning spree!

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