A FC Barcelona legend exploded against Lionel Messi and accused him of destroying the club – El …

FC Barcelona is going through serious troubles. The club lacks funds and the debt is overwhelming, even for the club with the biggest income in the world. And a former legend of the Cules told that Lionel Messi is responsible for the fall of one of the biggest soccer teams of the planet.

He told that everything would be better if he were transferred somewhere else last summer and while it would have been tough from a soccer point of view, a sale of the GOAT would have been highly beneficial for them. Now he will be leaving for free and the club missed on a great opportunity.

That is Rivaldo, who used his number 10 shirt between 1997 and 2002 scoring 130 goals for the Cules. The Brazilian even told that he should have been like Cristiano Ronaldo, who was sold from Real Madrid to Juventus leaving 100 million euro in the bank account of their rivals.

Rivaldo won the Ballon d’Or playing for FC Barcelona in 1999

Messi, captain and top scorer of the history not only of FC Barcelona but any club, has been carrying the team in this transition season under Ronald Koeman with 17 goals in 26 matches. He is still very influential so that team without him would be impossible to imagine.

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