Abdulla Balhasa eyes place in AL Wasi

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Abdulla Saif Belhasa

A former Al Wasl Football youth academy star, Abdulla Saif Belhasa, is keen on breaking into the senior team of Al Wasi.

Having broken into the prestigious Al Wasl Football youth team at 13 years old, Abdullah is the son of Saif Belhasa and Sarah Belhasa, two serial entrepreneur parents, whose family’s net worth is over 1.6 billion USD, can easily lead a successful life without football. His parents are among the top 10 most powerful business couples in the Middle East.

But his love for football is so strong and deep-rooted, pushing him to forge on despite being born with a silver spoon.

He has always had his eyes on conquering the world and after stellar accomplishments with the youth squads of UAE, Abdulla feels the next stage is to mix with the big boys in the senior team.

To achieve this, Abdulla has commenced training and though he feels he faces a difficult task, he believes that ” it is not impossible because I have no limits”.

Besides football, Abdulla loves animals, whose private zoo is always being talked about by fans and social media followers.

Visited by Barcelona maestro, Leo Messi, who was the guest of honor along with his family, Abdulla’s zoo houses some of the rarest breeds in the world.

“We wanted to breed animals and make sure we provide a comfortable environment for them. It started as a rescue center when my brother and I agreed to adopt a lion cub in 2015. All animals are taken care of like our own family.

“We have employed 21 people to look after the animals. Once the animals grow up and reach their full size, we hand them over to local authorities. Then, they look to find a suitable environment for them or release them in the wild, wherever they belong.”, he added.

Abdulla recently concluded his mandatory Army training for the UAE armed forces; an experience he feels has made him a completely different person. Character building and interacting with people from different backgrounds have made him a much stronger individual. He says, “I am more tolerant and appreciate a lot of things. Our upbringing was still very humble and my mother made sure we were not spoilt for choices.”

Abdulla is also a style figure, conscious about what he wears, and a powerful dresser, who loves looking sharp all the time.

His love for shopping is legendary and he restocks his wardrobe, every two to three months.

He is also a stout believer in charity, giving away his old clothes to a charity organization he and his family are associated with.

“Not everything needs to be put on social media. I feel the charity work done for the public need not be mentioned,” he says.

Abdulla has more than 119, 000 followers on his Instagram, but he notes that “For me, Instagram followers don’t matter. I just like to connect with them and maybe make a difference in their life. I go through all comments and feel blessed that I am contributing to society.

“Some people wish me well for my football games and some just wait for new posts. It’s a great feeling for me. I’m overwhelmed by the support and love they show towards me. Social media is obviously a great tool to connect with people from all over the world says Abdulla and we should all use it wisely and responsibly,” he said.

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