An eleven of Champions … at a bargain price

It would take a very powerful treasury to face the huge salaries that each and every one of them would demand, but if a club had the necessary money, it would be in a position to form a team competitive enough from tomorrow to aspire to win the tournament. Champions League. And it would have not only a guaranteed lineup, but even a privileged bench. He new year 2021 It starts with a bunch of top-level footballers who, since January 1, are free to negotiate their future. Leo Messi is the alpha male of this singular herd of stars available to anyone who wants to pay what they are going to ask for. A fortune to ensure goals and performance.


The starting goalkeeper of Milan and the Italian team is a blank check. At only 21 years old, he has the whole future ahead of him because he has plenty of conditions to become one of the best in the world, if he is not already. Mino Raiola squeezes the Rossoneri with alleged offers from Inter and Juve and not only demands a salary of 8 million euros per year, but also a low termination clause “just in case.” Come on, full-blown blackmail.

An eleven of Champions ... at a bargain price


Liverpool’s Dutch midfielder, who in this hypothetical line-up we are going to place as a right-back, has 16 games in the Premier this season, which has made him indispensable for Klopp. He has not yet responded to the renewal offer that the reds have raised him because he handles a Barcelona proposal. His future could be directly linked to that of Ronald Koeman.

Sergio Ramos

The hot potato that burns on the Florentino Pérez. He will turn 35 in March but his performance has not diminished with age, quite the contrary. It would be a major surprise if he left the Real Madrid, where it is password, but nothing in football is impossible.

An eleven of Champions ... at a bargain price


Central or left back. The best in the world in either of the two positions. He Real Madrid He seems determined to sign him, but nothing is certain yet because his agent, Pini Zahavi, will try to make the most of it. He CityIn fact, he has entered the fight for his signing.

David Alaba


At 27 years old, at the best moment of his sports career, the Valencian full-back is on the list of reinforcements of the candidate for the presidency of the Barcelona Víctor Font, and for him it seems the time has also come to return to Spain. He has three or four seasons of maximum performance ahead of him in one of the most requested demarcations due to the lack of left-handed defenses that exist.


The Armenian midfielder is the second player on the list represented by Mino Raiola. He will turn 32 in January, but he’s still in top shape. 14 games played and 7 goals for Roma in Serie A this season, where he arrived for free after leaving the Arsenal. He has adapted to Calcio far above expectations and his club intends to exercise a renewal option that is very much in the air because it seems that the player is the one who has the last word.

Say Maria

The Argentine is not at his best at PSG, where he is in his sixth season, but his quality is out of the question and, about to celebrate his 33rd birthday, he seems ready to offer good performance for a couple of more courses. Provides goal, speed and overflow. A cocktail that makes him a very desirable signing, especially at zero cost.

An eleven of Champions ... at a bargain price


Here is one of the great candies of the transfer market. The French winger has overcome a very serious injury and is once again the same as before, a footballer with an enormous scoring ability despite playing on the wing. He will turn 28 in 2021 and Sevilla is strongly committed to him, but he is not the only one. Milan was the last to join the bid for him.


The Dutchman is another blank check and given that in June he will go free, it is not ruled out that Lyon will transfer him in January to get something in return. Juve has offered Bernardeschi to take him right now and Barcelona is also studying how they can skip the salary limit to bring in a player that Koeman has requested from day one.

An eleven of Champions ... at a bargain price


Of all those who end their contract, it is the one who seems to have the clearest future since Man’U has expressed its desire to extend the commitment it signed last summer. However, the Uruguayan has already shown in the recent past what his priorities are and despite his age, 34 years in January, he is still in a position to get a great economic return if he accepts offers from the United States or the Emirates.


His future is the biggest unknown in the football market in 2021. Although he is spoiled for choice, not many clubs can hope to pay his salary. In fact, the City seems to have withdrawn from the bidding. He PSG He is today the main contender, but Leo has repeatedly expressed his desire to play in the United States and it would not be surprising if, as Raúl or Villa did in the recent past, he does not want to sign for any direct rival of the Barça and make the leap to America with the intention of expressing his last years as a footballer there and then returning to the Camp Nou with other functions.

Leo Messi

A luxury bench

As if there was little gunpowder in this starting eleven, the bench players are spectacular. Agüero, who ends up in the City; Çalhanoglu, 26 years old alone and one of the best set pieces in the world; Hysalj, Albanian right back of Naples, on the agenda of Atlético de Madrid and from Seville; Draxler, talent, overflow and German discipline and Milik, in rebellion at Napoli for not wanting to renew and possible replacement for Diego Costa at Atlético.

In this way, the eleven of luxury players that are already free would be made up of: Donnarumma; Wijnaldum, Sergio Ramos, Alaba, Bernat; Mkhitaryan, Di Maria; Thauvin, Depay, Cavani; and Messi.

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