Archaeologists discover weird precursors to Spotify – WORLD

Archaeologists discover weird precursors to Spotify – WORLD

MDoes the history of music have to be rewritten from scratch? If it is up to the young archaeologist Marc-Justin Sprötzke (17) from Höhr-Grenzhausen in Rhineland-Palatinate – then yes.

The head of a research team made a sensational discovery during excavations in his father’s youth room: “I think we found the forerunner of Deezer, Tidal, Napster or Spotify!”

Music apparently much older than Spotify & Co.

This would confirm a thesis that has been circulating as a rumor for some time, but has been repeatedly challenged. Sprötzke: “This is proof: Apparently there was something like music long before my parents’ playlists in the 80s.”

At the under mountains of floppy discs, fan shirts from Peter, Paul and Mary as well as first editions of an ancient book with spells called “mouth organ” buried device is a box made of wood, on which wires are stretched. “This primitive device replaced the conventional smartphones in our ancestors,” explains multimedia expert Peter Bursch Junior, who was entrusted with the investigation of the find.

Hardware effort extremely

Although it has no connection to a payment service such as PayPal, the bizarre device appeared to be able to play any piece of music around the clock, without advertising breaks and even offline.

However, as Bursch Junior restricts, the hardware effort must have been quite large. “From old representations it is clear that at least one Flokati carpet was required, but as a rule an entire campfire with a lot of dreamy girls around it.”

Nevertheless, the researchers are amazed at how much imagination early mankind knew how to imitate music streaming services. “In the device we found, we discovered a type of touchpad, among other things, and six home buttons attached above it, which you can turn with swiping movements,” explains excavation manager Sprötzke respectfully, “As it looks, these buttons control rusty wires, which appear to be on them the playlists are located. “

Researchers discover amazing details

The biggest surprise with the find from the dark 20th century is that it already had a primitive messaging function. “You don’t believe it: We actually found a WhatsApp message on the device,” says Sprötzke, “but it was stuck on and read: ‘Peace is doable, Mr. Neighbor’”.

Bursch Junior even claims to have phoned a witness to a long forgotten past: “Smoke signals worked wonderfully. The thing burns at least as well as a Samsung Galaxy Note 7! “

Is it just the beginning of further revolutionary discoveries?

Before the archaeologists could talk more deeply about their incredible discovery, friends had already called them to another archaeological site. Sprötzke: “In the city theater, colleagues want to come across a pre-Flood predecessor of Netflix!”

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