Barcelona legend! 643 goals, Messi tied Pele’s single club goal record

  China News Service Client, December 20th. In the early morning of the 20th Beijing time, in the La Liga match between Barcelona and Valencia, Messi scored a header before the end of the first half. According to official statistics, he scored for Barcelona. The 643th goal.

At this point, Messi tied the single club goal record held by “the king” Pele, ushering in another milestone.

  After experiencing state fluctuations at the beginning of the season, Barcelona’s recent performance has picked up, having previously won two consecutive league victories and four consecutive victories at home.

However, after one-third of the La Liga schedule this season, Barcelona has been left behind by the double-digit points difference by the first group. If you want to join the championship sequence, every point will not be lost since then.

Therefore, the Barcelona team has only one goal in the home game against Valencia, which has a hard-to-find recent victory.

  However, things backfired. The first to break the deadlock was the visiting team from afar.

In the 29th minute of the game, Soler took a corner kick and the unguarded Diakabi made a header from the small penalty area.

  In stoppage time in the first half, Barcelona equalized the score.

Messi counter-attacked a straight pass, and Griezmann fell to the ground under Gaya’s defense in the penalty area. The referee on duty gave the latter a red card while awarding a penalty kick.

However, after watching the VAR replay, the referee maintained the penalty, but the red card was changed to a yellow card.

  Messi’s penalty kick was saved by the goalkeeper, but Alba got the ball from the left side of the penalty area and then passed it. Messi scored a header from close range.

This was the 643th goal of Messi Barcelona’s career, tying the single club goal record held by Pele.

At the same time, this was his 450th goal in La Liga.

  In the second half of the game, Barcelona once took advantage of a corner kick to let Araujo overtake the score, but Valencia relied on Maxi Gomez’s outside instep ejection from the edge of the penalty area to equalize the score.

In the end, the two teams shook hands 2:2.

  Scored goals but failed to help the team take all three points. Messi’s milestone night left regrets.

In the standings, Barcelona temporarily ranks 5th, 9 points behind Atletico Madrid, the latter one less game.


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