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The situation at FC Barcelona is getting worse. As a result of inconsistencies, the presidential election has been postponed and is now in a catastrophic economic situation.Club issues have become more and more dramatic, this time a reliable newspaper Elmundo Dropped a bomb that could have serious consequences. Lionel Messi’s contract has been leaked, according to sources. 555,237,619 euros..

Elmundo managed to leak most of the documents Messi signed with former President Josep Maria Bartomeu in November 2017. The contract grants Argentina up to € 138 million per season between base salary and variables. In addition to that, the contract includes two bonuses. One is just for accepting renewals (€ 115,225,000) and the other is for loyalty by the Catalan Club (€ 77,929,955).

Despite the recent Champions League disappointment with the Catalan club, which offers the highest bonus, the Braugrana captain has already secured 92% of the bonus on his contract. Messi continues to earn from his basic salary.

According to the news, Messi and the club have signed a contract of more than € 555 million over a four-season period ending June 30, 2021. Scandalous numbers include base salary, image rights, a series of unprecedented bonuses, player diets, and multiple variables depending on the different purposes Argentina had to reach.

Messi contract leaked

The report is claimed to be “very discreet and confidential” and few people have access to the Gigem BarageHowever, the annual salary figures published in the report are not currently the same as Argentina was earning in 2017.

In addition, Catalan clubs continue to “show off” as the most profitable clubs, and that amount should be invested in top players.

Despite Barcelona’s horrific economic conditions, it would be hard to argue that this deal is the reason. Especially considering that 33 years old has been the club’s only hope in recent years. Of course, it’s not easy to say the same for the management of Catalan clubs. Of course, it goes without saying that the club does not currently have a president.

This news is an important moment for Barcelona. It may mark the end and beginning of a new stage, but above all, it fundamentally changes Leo Messi’s decision to renew at the club. His salary is currently almost impossible for the club to pay, but the (defective) information is quite rude to the player’s privacy. Barcelona Presidential Candidate Comments on Messi’s Huge Revenue

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