Beans Altar


This is the Beans Altar that can be found at the Undead Coming 3 map in BEAR*.

How to solve

This puzzle is pretty easy to solve: You have to get 4 bean cans inside dumpsters beside the Funky Town Goods shop (a little note, you have to collect all the beans one by one.) After bringing the 4 Beans from the dumpsters, the Beans Altar will no longer look devilish and red anymore. Just like the Cheese Altar, it will stop saying BEANS.


  • This is based off the “Free Smiley Face” meme on the internet.
  • The audio saying ‘BEANS’ is the same audio with the BEANS kill effect in BEAR (Alpha) but pitched down.
  • This is one of the altars that replaced the Cheese Altar in BEAR*, first being the Skull Altar.
  • The sound after solving is the same sound as the Cheese Altar but pitched down.
  • This is the first altar that needs more than 1 item to complete it.
  • The Happy face was posted on the Bear Discord server showing PapaDoomsday plays it. The skin was called Jimbo, but it’s only a test skin.
  • This is the 1st Puzzle to have more than one decal used.
  • This video shows a clip on the Beans audio: and this video shows when you’ve placed it:


2nd frame, frame saying BEANS

an happy frame of beans alter (jimbo).

Image of a solved Beans Altar

JPEG of a unsolved Beans Altar

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