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Thank you @eka24 ,

However unfortunately I need PowerApps to receive the calculations totals somehow. Even an elaborate workaround would do, as long as it’s automated.

Here are some of the ways I thought it may work:

– Use flows to copy the data from Table 2(The calculations) and translate it into a table that can be read

– Use Power BI to read the excel & output the results. Since you can import an entire excel workbook in Power BI, including the results of calculations. Just not the formulas themselves.

– Use a 3rd party service to translate Table 2 ( I just emailed to see what they say.)

– SQL somehow reads Table 2 and updates a mirror copy of it

We would all love to translate the excel workbooks to SQL or PowerBI, but there are thousands of calculations in each one. So a need for a workaround here is crucial.

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