Carlos Tevez identifies Lionel Messi’s pending assignment

In a recent interview with TyC Sports, Carlos Tevez revealed the struggles Lionel Messi will have as he nears the end of his professional career.

Carlos Tevez has one of the most honest relationships with Lionel Messi, they are good friends from their time at the Argentina National Team. During all this time, Carlitos was able to see how much the squad means to Leo and how much he suffers all the criticism. Keep in mind that Messi already lost four major tournament finals with Argentina, he reached all of them but didn’t win a single one.

That’s the pain of his existence despite the brilliant career he has at FC Barcelona. But people don’t understand how much it pains him to not win titles with his country, Carlos Tevez gets it perfectly. He knows that if Leo doesn’t win the World Cup or at least the Copa America before retirement, it will haunt him for the rest of his days. In hindsight, Tevez is convinced Messi has given football everything he has.

Tevez thinks football owes Messi a lot.

If you stop and think about it for a second, Lionel Messi has given one of the most important pages to football history. His rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo, his incredible run at FC Barcelona, his six Ballon d’Or trophies. It’s only normal that Tevez thinks football is indebted to the Argentina captain.

During an interview with TyC Sports, Tevez said: “You reach a certain age in which you see that you don’t have many years left in your career. Then you see the squad doesn’t respond to you anymore. It’s tough, but only he knows what decision he will make in June. Although I can’t imagine Leo with another jersey that is not Barcelona. The only thing missing for Leo is to win a World Cup, football owes him that much. It pains him more than anybody else. As Argentines, it can definitely hurt us but I know for a fact that it hurts him more than anyone. There’s no doubt in my mind.”



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