Cesc Fabregas Beat Willian And Pedro In Speed Test By Using Intelligence Instead Of Pace

Willian and Pedro may be quicker than Cesc Fabregas on paper but the Spaniard rinsed his former Chelsea teammates in training during a quickness and agility test.

In a tricky drill at Cobham training facility, all three men went up against each other in a mind-over-matter contest.

As you can see in the footage below Fabregas makes wise decisions throughout, picking up the cones in such an order to avoid having to make any drastic changes of direction.

Willian and Pedro, meanwhile, are shocked by the result. It just shows that pace isn’t everything – especially on the football pitch.

Fabregas, who now plays in France for Ligue 1 side AS Monaco, posted the clip to his official Instagram page and it soon went viral.

Cesc Fabregas Beats Willian And Pedro In Speed Test By Using Intelligence Instead Of Pace
published at9 months ago

Willian complains after losing the battle but ultimately he is beaten fair and square by the intelligence of Fabregas. The Brazilian winger even asks the Chelsea coach for re-measurements as his opponent wheels away in delight.

Fabregas may be an incredibly gifted player but even he couldn’t beat Lionel Messi in one of these drills.

“There’s one story which stays with me, others I can’t tell you,” said a tight-lipped Fabregas, presumably not wanting to discuss all the occasions Messi utterly humiliated him.

“I had to defend against him and you know he’s going to the left, and he does, but he still makes me fall to the floor.”

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