CNN’s Kaitlan Collins dubbed ‘Karen’ and trolled for slamming maskless Trump: ‘Is that just raw …

The Internet has had enough of ‘Karens’ and their upfront dislike for facial masks, even at the cost of getting themselves infected with the novel coronavirus. However, CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins is now being treated as yet another Karen after getting caught removing her mask following a briefing at the White House. Perhaps, the Internet users wouldn’t have been so hard on her had she not called out President Trump for removing his mask while addressing the crowd soon after his return to the White House from Walter Reed.

Here’s why the Internet trolls have dubbed Collins as ‘Karen’

Collins, the former White House Correspondent for ‘The Daily Caller’, currently serving as a journalist for CNN, was among many critics to slam the president for being utterly irresponsible toward the virus despite testing positive.

On October 6, Collins shared a video of Trump, talking to the media and people at the White House following his return from the Walter Reed medical center. She captioned, “Only days into his diagnosis, the first thing President Trump does when he gets back to the White House is take his mask off.”

In the video, she can be heard slamming Trump for removing his mask while he’s still under treatment for Covid-19. Collins says, “Let us remind viewers now that the president is on steroids and a drug that fewer than 10 people outside of clinical trials have gotten inside the United States to deal with coronavirus”, before adding that “He had a level of treatment and a level of care that most Americans would not get” because he’s the president.

She further noted that Trump took his mask off as soon as he appeared on the Truman balcony and said “Don’t let coronavirus control your life”, while he’s still infected with the virus.

Collins’s video of Trump soon went viral for the obvious reasons, but it wasn’t long before the White House hit back at the journalist by sharing a video from the latest White House briefing, in which Collins is seen taking her mask off immediately after the conference concluded. More and more people began re-tweeting the White House video as they slammed Collins for not following the safety protocol herself while condemning Trump for removing his mask. Filmmaker and editor Kelb Hull shared the video and captioned it, “Here’s CNN’s Kaitlin Collins removing her mask the second she thinks the cameras are off.”

Collins soon became a subject to trolls as a significant number of Twitter users surfaced on the platform to question the reporter’s choice to take her mask off amid the presence of other people in the room. One Twitter user noted, “Hey Kaitlan, it seems you pull your mask off when the cameras stop rolling. Is that just raw hypocrisy on your part, or liberal virtue signaling? Or both? #FakeNews #Hypocrisy”, while another added, “Are you shitting me Kaitlan? I just watched you take your mask off immediately after filming stops so quick to condemn the President. Double Standards here I see”

And some of them dubbed Collins as ‘Karen’ as they called on her for taking her mask off in a public space, especially after slamming Trump for removing his. One tweeted, “You are without a shadow of a doubt, the Karen of all Karen’s. A pic of you is literally in the dictionary beside the word Karen. Get a life moron”. Another wrote, “@kaitlancollins wins the Karen of the year 2020 asard(SIC) except when that fraud is busted taking off her own mask in a closed press room. She should lose her credentials. Fake media.”

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