DBLTAP’S FIFA 21 Team of The Year Review


Our honest review of FIFA 21's Team of The Year promotion
Our honest review of FIFA 21’s Team of The Year promotion | Photo by EA Sports.

FIFA 21 Team of The Year has seemingly flown by, as it feels like only yesterday we were still speculating what would come of this year’s event. Now that we are coming towards the end we thought we would give you our honest review of the FIFA 21 Team of The Year event and, well, you might want to brace yourselves.

At long last the time has come for us to give our honest opinion on the Team of The Year promotion in FIFA 21.

The Good:

First off all let’s make it clear that it wasn’t all bad. In fact there were a few slivers of good things to come out of this event. The Objectives rewards that came out during TOTY were probably the only saving grace from this train-wreck of an event. The Moments Suarez and the Honorable Mentions Grealish were relatively easy to acquire which meant that you could at least get something enjoyable from this experience.

Also bear in mind that the actual Team of The Year players themselves are ridiculously good, however since they are next to impossible to obtain the only chance you would have of getting one of these cards is if you are playing the FUT Draft mode or you are willing to shell out a ton of money. Don’t worry, we’ve been suffering through it with you.

The Unbelievably Stupid

You were probably expecting there to be a bad column for this piece, but that would be a little bit too much of a let off for EA this time. Like we said earlier the TOTY players are very good themselves we have no problem with those ones. But make no mistake about it, this was arguably one of the worst Team of The Year promotions in recent memory.

On the subject of the players the first problem for some of us stems from the nominations themselves, particularly that a certain Bayern Munich player was seemingly excluded from the promotion entirely. After having arguably his best ever season for the Bavarians which culminated in him lifting the Champions League for a second time in his career, Thomas Muller didn’t even get a consideration. It could have been a nice gesture from EA if they had decided to at least put him in the Honorable Mentions players that they just released, but apparently he couldn’t even make that list.

Speaking of Honorable Mentions, this whole selection players just reeks of EA kicking their fans in the face. Now admittedly not all of these players are red flags per say, the likes of Andy Robertson, Marquinhos, and Sadio Mané are welcomed additions. However the rest of the players in this promotion seemed a little bit odd to put it mildly; particularly with Marcel Sabitzer being the SBC item for this one. On the topic of SBCs these were, quite frankly, some of the worst SBCs in FIFA 21. We had things like the ridiculously expensive Franck Ribéry flashback, to the unsatisfactory TOTY pack challenges which got players nowhere near close enough to a TOTY, to the Marcel Sabitzer Honorable Mention which came seemingly out of left-field. The only one that was anywhere near being worthwhile was in fact the Cristiano Ronaldo Flashback sbc, which was easier to complete than the other two oddly enough. Let that sink in.

And now we come to what has arguably been the most bizarre part of this whole promotion; the ratings. A huge part of the TOTY event each year is the prospect of getting our hands on a 99-rated player, which has usually been reserved for the Ballon d’Or winner from the previous calendar year or Messi and Ronaldo. Neither of those things happened this year as we were left without a 99-rated player in the history of TOTY, but that only scratches the surface. In our mid-event review, we mentioned that the ratings just didn’t make sense and now that we have seen the full XI we can honestly say that we still have no idea what was going through the minds of EA’s finest when they compiled these ratings.

Thankfully this event is coming to an end very shortly as that means we can move on to some of the other events that are sure to reignite the spark for many FIFA players. But even things like the Winter Refresh and the Team of The Season events may not be enough to wash away the disgust many of us have felt throughout what was supposed to be the biggest event in the FIFA calendar.

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