Di María dreams of Messi at PSG: “I couldn’t ask for anything more from football” – Archyworldys

Fideo’s contract with the Parisians is ending, but he is very excited about the rumors of the possible arrival of 10 in France.

Given the rumors that link Lionel Messi with a hypothetical future in the Paris Saint-Germain, his compatriot Angel Di Maria he did not hide his enthusiasm. The left-hander, whose contract with the Parisians expires in the middle of the year, made it clear that he is excited about having him as a partner not only in the Argentine national team.

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“I always had the illusion of playing with him in a club, have it every day. Every time we go to the National Team, I do very little, “said Fideo, in statements to TyC Sports, and referred to the transfer market and the future:” I had, at the time, chances to go to Barcelona and I don’t know could. It seems that there is another chance, but my contract is ending here. I do not know what could happen, but I would love it and I would be very happy. I had the chance to play with Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Mbappé. Playing with Leo … I could easily retire. “

Along the same lines, the 32-year-old Argentine winger revealed what his wife told him about the chance of La Pulga playing for PSG: “My wife told me ‘If Leo comes, we will at least stay and you will make him the barbecue.’ With that I tell you everything. It would be the maximum. I couldn’t ask for anything more from football. “

Finally, Di María assured that there is still “nothing” about a possible renewal of his contract that ends in June. “I am focused on what we can achieve this year. There is a new coaching staff. Now I am with that in mind. I do not have the anxiety of when you are 25 years old. I handle it with great calm and I enjoy the day to day,” he concluded.


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