“Forget Haaland or Neymar! Barcelona are closer to bankruptcy.” Messi’s warning “translates” into …

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However, the agent didn’t mention that Barca are closer to a financial crisis that may end with it insolvency. In addition, Mino Raiola also denied the transfer. “E fake news”said Haaland’s agent.

Barcelona have big financial problems

The reason is that Barcelona simply cannot afford such a transfer. The club can’t even pay its players due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. A transfer of the most productive striker in recent years would be impossible.

The hint that Barcelona are really at an extremely difficult time was even given by Messi.

“The club are really in a bad economic situation and it will be difficult to get back to where we were. We need transfers but it will be difficult to rebuild the team. In the case of Neymar, for example, how does the transfer go respectively.” get paid to PSG? “ Messi said in an interview with La Sexta.

Barcelona’s goal is not to transfer players, but to avoid bankruptcy

Interestingly, Barcelona cannot afford Eric Garcia, the Manchester City defender who would arrive at Camp Nou.

Koeman wanted him this winter but in this case Barca had to pay around € 3m for him. A tiny amount for a club like Barcelona. Because they couldn’t afford it now, the Catalans will take it without a contract this summer.

This despite the fact that one of the club’s presidency candidates, Victor Font, promises to bring the Spaniard now. He believes the team really needs him right now to help Barca qualify for the Champions League, which is crucial from an economic point of view.

Font’s rivals for the presidency, Joan Laporta and Toni Freixa, claim Barca can’t spend the money they don’t have.

Barcelona have huge debts

According to the Spanish press, Barcelona’s debts have doubled in a year and now Total debt i am close 1.2 billion euros. The current debt is 730 million and must be paid by June 31st.

If this does not happen, the association risks bankruptcy. It’s a nightmare scenario, but one that fans have to accept and forget to bring back Neymar as they said.

Even if Barcelona manage to shift their debt – and some creditors have already given their approval – it will be nearly impossible to pay the same amounts as before and the club will have to sell players and cut salaries.

The publication of the goal states that the team could be forced to give up at least one of the following players: Marc Andre Ter Stegen, Frenkie De Jong or Ansu Fati.

Then there is Messi, whose future will have a clear impact on Barcelona. If he leaves after his contract expires in the summer, an enormous burden will be taken off Barcelona’s shoulders. Although the club also has something to gain from it, as an image and everything that its name means.

Current interim president Carles Tusquets even said recently that if he could still get a sizable amount for him, Barcelona will have to sell Messi.

On top of these difficulties, Barcelona also have the project to rebuild the stadium, which should start this summer but has just been postponed due to financial problems. This project costs 600 million euros, money that the club should get back by selling the name to one of the major sponsors. The costs have now been recalculated at 815 million euros.

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