Google Translate goes dark

The dark mode of Google Translate is finally becoming more widely available, with the main goal of sparing our eyes in low light.

In February, some Android users have already reached the dark theme of For Google Translate, however, innovation has never become more widely available. Fortunately, the final version of the dark theme has now been completed and is now available. Compared to the previous version that appeared in version 6.5, the surface is more uniform, grayer, and the light blue bar has disappeared. The interface is thus more consistent and fits into the design language represented by Google Apps.

It’s basically a normal dark mode, otherwise the Android Translator hasn’t changed. This can save battery life to a minimum with OLED mobile phones, but more importantly, it doesn’t strain our eyes as much in low light.



The interesting thing about dark mode in this app is that it cannot be switched manually, it only adjusts to the system level settings of Android 10 and 11. Starting with version 6.10, it’s available to anyone anyway.

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