History Mystery #89: The Case of the Mystery Mining Machines

History Mystery #89: The Case of the Mystery Mining Machines

Article submitted by Karen Morris, CHS President

COARSEGOLD — The Coarsegold Historical Society has three pieces of mining machinery on display at the Coarsegold Historic Museum. They were donated quite a few years ago and we need help with the names and how they were used. We think the middle one was possibly some kind of rock crusher. If you can help us with any information, we would appreciate it.

You can leave a message or comment on this page or email the Coarsegold Historical Society at [email protected] or call 559-642-4448 or visit our Facebook page.

Thank you for your help and interest in the History Mystery project.

Follow-Up to History Mystery #88
By Don Grove

The Civil Defense hospital that was placed at Bass Lake in 1970 is still somewhat of a mystery. At Leonard Brown’s suggestion, I contacted Cliff Neufeld to see if he knew anything. He had never heard of it but agreed with Leonard that the most likely place to store it would have been at the airport.

He also said that when he worked at Bass Lake School, he noticed an extra water tank that did not feed into the school and asked an “old-timer” about it. Cliff was told that there had been a nuclear missile site at Chepo Saddle, and this tank was the water supply for it!

There is still a chain-link fence on the north side of Road 222 that was there to protect the site. This might explain why Bass Lake merited this field hospital. Cliff plans to try to contact Tim Snyder, son of Dr. Walter Snyder, to see if he knows anything about it.

Thanks for all of your responses.

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