Hotmail Fail. Solved

Hoodman1944 Said:

Hotmail Fail. Solved After spending last 3 days trying to sign into my Hotmail account, with it not accepting password, changed 3 times. Downloaded Microsoft Edge for Mac, and now have access to my Hotmail emails. Mac Mail still won’t work?


Use an App Password for Hotmail

I remember chatting with Microsoft not too long ago, and going through this to set up other accounts to be accessed on Mail, Outlook, and on other Apps.

While in Hotmail, Go To:

  1. User Name(Top-Right)
  2. View account (Second Option Down)
  3. Security (third tap in from top-left)
  4. More security options (Far-Right)
  5. App passwords (Third Pane Down)
  6. Create a new app password
  7. Click Done
  8. Use the app password provided for a synchronized app

You might need to chat with Microsoft about this. So, Go Here: Contact Us – Virtual Agent – Microsoft Support

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