How the 3 Barcelona presidential hopefuls plan to fix the economic crisis

The financial situation at Barcelona is worse than anyone could have imagined. The club recently published a statement, confirming that they were in debt of 1.2 billion euros which needed to be paid back by June 30th. This is an extremely delicate time for the Catalans and the club’s future depends upon how the new President chooses to maneuver around the situation.

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The presidential elections have been postponed to 7th March from 24th of January which is yet another setback and the president-elect will have only a few months to sort out the fine mess Josep Bartomeu left the club in. Presidential candidates, Joan Laporta, Victor Font, and Toni Freixa have all revealed a bit of their plans to solve the problem.

While some remain confident in their ability to make big-name signings to restore the club’s former glory amidst an economic crisis, others believe that the club can face more problems in the near future.

Lionel Messi’s uncertain future is already a massive topic of discussion as the Argentine’s exit will undoubtedly be a massive blow for the Catalans but will certain begin a new era at the Nou Camp.

Few of the candidates have also voiced the idea of selling many unwanted players with massive wage bills, while others are looking to sign only players that are available on a free transfer. It is certainly interesting to see the differences in their strategies to raise the required funds, so here is what we know so far of the three final candidates,


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