Is reddit doing mass bot suspensions?

I had a 100% completely innocuous, barely used account (u/Teletweety) “permanently suspended for repeatedly breaking the rules.” Never did anything at all sketchy with it, no arguing, shitposting, vote manipulation, no VPN, etc.

The only thing I can think of is i have IFTTT connected to the account to email me when keywords are mentioned, and maybe the connections from the IFTTT service may have triggered something that’s auto-suspending accounts in bulk to combat political manipulation bots.

But it’s been set up this way for literally years with no issues and afaik IFTTT is completely allowed and legit and it is read-only, no posting or voting.

This should probably go in r/bugs as well.

EDIT: in r/IFTTT and on Twitter a bunch of people are reporting the same problem so it does sound like IFTTT users are getting caught up in a sloppy attempt at catching bots.

EDIT2: my banned account was silently unbanned just now 16:40 UTC a few minutes after the “appeal denied” message. I feel like they ought to hand out some coins or something as a “sorry our bad” token.

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