It goes? Barcelona can no longer pay Messi’s salary

Renewal of Lionel Messi still in the air almost six months after your contract ends with the Barcelona, a club that is experiencing a great economic crisis derived from the pandemic of COVID-19 what makes eThe Argentine’s salary is unsustainable, in accordance with Emili Rousaud, former vice president of the club and candidate for the elections.

“Clearly, In the current environment of the club, the salary of Messi. It is unsustainable. An agreement must be reached. The project that we will present to you is attractive, ”he told AS.

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The flea earns 8.3 million euros gross at mes, according to newspaper reports, the highest paid footballer in the world, but they have a debt of more than 700 million euros due to the pandemic, so they had to negotiate a salary cut for the staff, which will not charge a single euro in January.

Thus Rousaud Know what the important thing to convince a Messi that you stay and agree to lower your salary will be to present a good sports project, which caused that in summer he asked to leave the Catalan box.

“Here what matters is the sports project. When Messi he said he was leaving he did not say it for money. He has the highest salary in the world, there is no one who earns more than him. He does not leave because he charges little, he wants to leave because he wants to win titles. He already said it in his day: “it is not enough for us.” He wants a team with talent, “he added.

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