It’s not Lionel Messi, it’s not Cristiano Ronaldo: Zlatan Ibrahimovic reveals who is the best soccer …

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is always interesting to listen. Despite his arrogant comments, which are still funny to us, we cannot deny he has always left smart statements which are worth to read. Being 39 years old, he is still playing at an incredible level for AC Milan and is scoring lots of goals. But who was, for him, the best one ever? No, not him.

He left an extraordinarily strong statement on the new young players. He said today, players play for five minutes and are immediately seen as stars, confessing he feels ‘glad’ to come from the old school. Social media have changed everything, today thanks to social networks players are champions despite having done little, he mentioned. It was not like this in the past, he said. And we agree.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

In the chat with UEFA’s official website, he confessed he always says to everyone who plays with him: ‘Ronaldo is the game. As for me, Ronaldo is soccer. Himself. The way he moved, the way he passed the ball. For me, he is the best player in history, without a doubt’. It is not Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.

Curiously, Zlatan played with Messi for a season and has always admired his style. The Swedish striker arrived to Barcelona when he was 28, in 2009, and played for a season before leaving on loan to AC Milan and later being signed permanently. With Messi, he won the FIFA Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi, beating Argentina’s Estudiantes.

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