Javier Hernández salary: How much does he get paid in Los Angeles Galaxy?

After a long career in various teams in Europe starting with Manchester United, where Hernandez had great success scoring 37 goals in 103, leaving the Bulgarian forward Berbatov as a third change option. Then he also had a good time at Real Madrid, where he managed to score 7 times in 23 games, Javier Hernandez went after to the German football, where he was a benchmark for the Bayern Leverkusen, where he played 54 games and scored 28 goals.

Hernandez would return to England where he would begin the end of his career in the European football with the hammers of West Ham United, where he scored 16 goals in 55 games, then he went to Club Sevilla and finally landed in the LA Galaxy of the MLS. In the LA Galaxy, Javier Hernandez arrived as a great idol, after the club paid 9 million Euros for his transfer, which although it was not very high, the Mexican’s salary has increased considerably.

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez is one of the best paid players in all the MLS

The Mexican forward went on to earn the amount of 3 million euros in Spain, around 250 thousand euros a month, to earn the amount of 6 million dollars in MLS, which means that his salary doubled to 500 thousand per month. With this high salary of 16 dollars euros per day, Javier Hernandez enters the elite of millionaires of the club, as at some point was David Beckham, Donovan, Gerrard or more recently, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

For this new 2021 season, it is expected that Javier Hernandez will seek to retaliate the high salary he earns, scoring goals and seeking the MLS title, finally the board of directors hired the Mexican to sell shirts but also to win titles.

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