Laporta: Money doesn’t guarantee titles, and Messi is more motivated by silverware

FC Barcelona – La Liga Says the Argentine is profitable for Barcelona

Joan Laporta
Joan Laporta

Joan Laporta doesn’t think that Lionel Messi values money more than he does titles, and he’s hopeful that the Argentine will continue to play at the Camp Nou and help Barcelona to compete for silverware again.

Messi’s future remains up in the air, and the Catalans’ humiliating 4-1 defeat to Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday night hasn’t helped things to settle.

“Giving him affection is very important,” Laporta told Sky Sport Italia. “The love story between Messi and Barcelona is one of the most beautiful stories in football.

“He has to be loved. He deserves it. And he has to be valued with an economic offer that makes him feel valued, but he’s not led by money.

“I know him, I have a good relationship with him and a lot of respect.

“He’s a winner. What he wants is to win again, with Barcelona. I’m going to do everything I can to keep him. Our competitors are state clubs, they are making offers.

“We have to be clear that money doesn’t guarantee titles, and Leo is more about winning titles than making money.”

Messi made headlines recently when his contract details were leaked by El Mundo.

“He makes more money than he costs, much more,” Laporta aadded. “Messi’s cost represents eight percent of the club’s total income, while he generates around 30 percent of the income.

“Messi is very profitable for Barcelona, but the most important thin is the emotional return he gives us.

“It’s priceless when you ask a young boy or girl who their favourite player is and they immediately say Messi.”

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