Laporta “surprised and disappointed” by the appeals of the foot of PSG to Messi – Teller Report

Lionel Messi leaving the lawn after his red card, in Seville on January 17, 2021. –

Miguel Morenatti / AP / SIPA

Barça criticizes PSG, episode 853. The presidential candidate Joan Laporta expressed his dissatisfaction with the media positioning of Paris Saint-Germain on the Lionel Messi file and in particular that of Leonardo.

The Brazilian sporting director had said that “great players like Messi will always be on the PSG list”.

The phrase has since become the business of Laporta, candidate for the presidency of Barça, who no longer hesitates to repeat night and day that he will protect the Catalan people against the Parisian threat.

Last covering to date, Saturday in L’Equipe.

“I must say that the behavior of PSG did not please me absolutely, he began.

They disrespected Barça.

[…] I was surprised and disappointed.

I fully hear a player saying he wants to play with Leo Messi.

I too would like to play with him!

But that a club representative says it, finds it inappropriate.

PSG cannot afford it, thinks Laporta

Joan Laporta also believes that PSG cannot afford Messi, unless they “continue to violate the standards of financial fair play”.

A somewhat surprising remark when the catastrophic debt figures of FC Barcelona were recently revealed.

The hospital, charity, all that.


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