Laporta’s plan to keep Messi

Candidate for the presidency of Barça, Joan Laporta has already planned everything to keep Lionel Messi at the expense of PSG next summer.

The presidential election FC Barcelona will not deliver its verdict before the beginning of March, and yet Joan Laporta, who has already led the Blaugrana institution in the past, can already see it. This Friday at the turn of an interview with L’Equipe, the person still pledged to keep Lionel messi beyond this season. Whatever the cost. “The Messi case is a priority, he breathes. The new Barca president will have to make every effort to ensure that this beautiful story of football and life between Messi and Barça continues. We will have to submit a financial proposal adapted to the possibilities of the club, but it will also be necessary to be very convincing as for the sports project. […] I’ve known Leo and his family for years. I know he wants to stay, but he’s been through a difficult time, he felt cheated by the previous leadership. I have an advantage over the other candidates: I believe in Leo and he believes in me. He knows that I will keep my commitments. “

With its staggering debt – over a billion euros according to the latest projections – how does FC Barcelona plan to go about maintaining the most expensive player in history? “It brings in much more than it costs, slice Joan Laporta, sure of himself. You can’t be stingy with the best player in the world. In his case, there are no transfer fees to pay. We can therefore work on a contract with a spread and more flexible payment, knowing that he wants to remain linked to the club when he stops playing. He has at least three years left at the top level and the team will be better with Leo. A club that has a lot of money is not sure of winning the Champions League, it is not a guarantee. You have a good example of this in your country… ”

“PSG has a lot to learn”

This small tackle struck in Paris, the candidate for the succession of Josep Bartomeu insists, settling accounts with a Leonardo who lately had not hidden his claims on the Messi case: “The behavior of PSG I absolutely did not like it. They disrespected Barça. I have always followed closely the evolution of PSG, it is now a team to be counted on on the European scene, but I was surprised and disappointed. I fully hear a player saying he wants to play with Leo Messi. I too would like to play with him! But when a representative of the club says it, I find it inappropriate, it shows their lack of experience at this level. They still have a lot to learn in the world of football. I don’t know if this reaction is instinctive or if it’s a communication error. “

And to anticipate a possible Parisian offensive by brandishing the threat of financial fair play. “I don’t know if they can recruit him. Maybe yes if they continue to violate Financial Fair Play standards… From what I know they had some big losses last year. I would be curious to know if they will ignore the rules of financial fair play to recruit him. If that happens, I hope that UEFA and Fifa will react firmly and that the Court of Arbitration for Sport will not shake when it comes to delivering its verdict. “As for the knockout stages of C1 to come between Barça and PSG, Joan Laporta borders on overconfidence:” There is only one Messi and until proven otherwise, he plays for Barça. […] PSG has improved in the collective game, but it must be emphasized that they still have not fulfilled their objectives in Europe. Psychologically, I think it can work in Barça’s favor. We have more lived and that has a weight in these cleaver matches. “

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