“LeBron James enters $1 billion club”: Lakers star becomes fifth member of exclusive club …

LeBron James has become the latest sportsperson to tally over $1 billion in career earnings. The Lakers star is the 5th in a distinguished list.

LeBron is now in year 18 of one of the most historic sporting careers. He’s become the model of consistency in basketball, a worthy successor to Michael Jordan’s throne. In the past 10 seasons, James has won 4 NBA titles and been to 9 Finals. He’s the most recognized active basketball player in the world.

The growth of NBA and expansion to new frontiers is something that has benefited players a lot, financially. From salaries ranging in the thousands of dollars during the 60s, they’ve now come to earn hundreds of millions over the course of an All Star career.

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James signed a billion-dollar lifetime deal with Nike after his first contract with the sportswear giant expired. He’s now the face of the most valuable sports brand on the planet, alongside Cristiano Ronaldo

A breakdown of LeBron James’ career earnings

LeBron is one of the few athletes who earn more from off-court endorsements than for their play on it. It’s been the case for him since the year 2010. LeBron is currently on a contract that will net him an average of $43 million from the Lakers in the next 3 years.

He’s expected to have earned $95.4 million in 2020. This figure includes an estimated $64 million from endorsements, memorabilia and media. LeBron’s career earnings from off-court ventures total up to over $700 million.

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James’s net worth stood at well over $450 million when last revealed to the public. The latest figure is expected to be well north of the $500 million mark. James is on course to become a serial sports team owner after retirement, and will be worth well over $2 billion.

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