Leo Messi runs out of reasons to stay at Barcelona after the defeat in the Copa del Rey and …

Thus, as if it were a slap, in about a week to Leo Messi the few reasons that remained in his balance have disappeared. Despite the fact that the sports results in January silenced the issue, the same question was still valid in the Argentine’s head: What do I do at the end of the season? Already at a delicate moment of the season where the Barça had not yet managed to achieve some stability on the pitch, the 10 acknowledged that he had not yet made any decision in his interview with Jordi Évole, while talking about coming back.

The doubts of Messi they were obvious. His decision in the summer when he decided to leave and notified him via burofax was based on many things but one stood above all: there is no project to continue obtaining titles. It is something that he repeated actively and passively, that he wanted to continue fighting for more trophies, widening his showcase, making room for new challenges … This, in the Barça, It was demonstrated to him in the last week that he begins to be utopian.

The high of the last few weeks was being idyllic. Koeman he had shown juggling skills with a short squad, with a certain lack of personnel and which was suffering from injuries. Despite this, he seemed to have found a way, a direction, a formula to make his pieces better and align them in such a way so that everything rolls. But it turned out to be a mirage, a facade that has collapsed in every litmus test this season and that has finished showing the true reality of a squad that was classified as transitional. It is not for less.

The end of the past Super Cup warning. What could be thought was an isolated case, a stronghold of heroism of the Athletic Bilbao, was the confirmation that the squad in moments of maximum sporting demand, where physique and performance must shine, collapse and kneel. The Barça He has made it clear in the last week that he is an earthly squad, with great players, but a lower rung in terms of dedication, physicality and faith; able to overcome Rayo Vallecano, Granada or Betis but unable to Seville or PSG.

The Barça has gone from jubilation to disaster in less than a week, six days passed between the sevillista sweep in the Sánchez Pizjuán with a 2-0 that showed the minimum capacity of reaction of the culés in a party of maximum demand and the umpteenth humiliation in Champions League with a recital of Kylian Mbappé to assault a fragile Camp Nou (1-4). Two first leg matches of two competitions for which they aspire to titles in which the image of the team was poor and made the return matches very difficult, giving the only way to raise a trophy Santander League with an Atlético that still leads despite weakening.

TO Leo Messi the sporting motives to continue in the Barça. There were two other hard blows that once again repeated the emblematic image of the Argentine, desolate and sunk, after a defeat or correction from a rival who was far superior. It was happening in recent years in Europe and the 2-8 against Bayern Munich It was the last straw. Athletic, Sevilla and PSG You can finish leaving the tap running this course so that your goodbye is final at the end of this season.

In the coming weeks the elections to the presidency of the Barcelona with Leo Messi as one of the great propaganda themes of the three candidates, Joan Laporta, Toni Freixa and Víctor Font. The feeling after these tough defeats is that the candidates can offer little or nothing in view of the economic situation of the club to change the sporting course for next season. The Blaugrana squad needs a severe restructuring to ensure a minimum level in the big events, the main requirement that seems to convince today Lionel messi.

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