Leo Messi will receive an award for loyalty in July, regardless of whether he is in the “Barca”

Lionel Messi continues to be news, far beyond the direct free kick he scored at Camp Nou this Sunday, in FC Barcelona’s 2-1 win over Sports Bilbao, by LaLiga. The Argentine remains at the center of controversy after El Mundo revealed his extension contract with the Blaugrana organization, which he signed in 2017 and is 555,237,619 euros for four seasons, depending on different variables.

The Spanish newspaper went further and not only kept the figures of the agreement between the footballer and “Barca”, but in its edition this Monday introduced a new “hidden” clause in the contractin which they reveal this Lionel Messi will enter the amount of 66 million this year as a reward for loyalty to FC Barcelona, ​​the club to which he has dedicated his entire career as a footballer.

What is striking about this new item is the time at which the Argentine will receive the payment. El Mundo has announced that Messi will enter the amount in two parts. Half, 33 million euros, will be collected by March 31

this year and second, July 31, regardless of whether he is a FC Barcelona player at the time.

Will Messi continue at FC Barcelona?

It’s worth remembering that the Rosario star is going through a tough time at Barça, and that after his contract expired, he can think even more of his final departure from the Camp Nou. The Argentine, according to his close associates, is disappointed and betrayed by the person who disclosed the document, which was clearly confidential. His “escape” from the club could end in a hurry and this time nothing will stop him.

FC Barcelona, ​​in turn, will try to stop him, but it will be difficult. The club has already reported that it had nothing to do with filtering the agreement between the player and the organization, so will file a lawsuit against the newspaper El Mundobut the reality is that eventually the document saw the light and is a pitcher of cold water in the fight to keep the captain on the team.

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