Leo Messi’s Barcelona salary revealed – Teller Report

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo last night published an article that has caused enormous attention around the world.

It turned out that they have come across Leo Messi’s contract with FC Barcelona.

The contract, which is dated 25 November 2017, shows that the Argentine has earned no less than 555,237,619 euros since 2017 – equivalent to over SEK 5.6 billion.

Barcelona does not deny

The four-year contract is, according to El Mundo, the most expensive contract ever signed in the sports world.

At lunchtime, Barcelona published a statement on the association’s website, in which they do not deny the information – but regret that it has become official.

“The club regrets the publication because it is a private document that should have been protected because the parties have agreed on its confidentiality.

FC Barcelona categorically denies any responsibility for the publication of the document, and will take all appropriate legal action against the newspaper El Mundo, for any damage they may incur through the publication “, the club writes.

Messi, who has belonged to Barcelona since 2001, has not commented on the news.

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