Leo Messi’s shocking income in Barcelona leaked. “It’s disgusting” football

A week of embarrassment for Barcelona. When it seemed that the confirmation of debts exceeding one billion euros was a hit, the Camp Nou was able to go even lower. A report by the sports commission on Friday stressed the need to transfer Eric Garcia, and on Sunday and Monday the daily “El Mundo” published “Pharaoh’s contract of Leo Messi, which will spoil Barca.” The sums placed in them (555 million euros gross for four years) are shocking. But only at first glance.

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Messi said he was tired of being the source of the problems. The knife stuck in his back again

Catalan media reported that Messi perceived the leak with “anger, rage and pain”. But this was more due to the fact that once again someone from Barcelona stabbed him in the back. In November, the Argentine had already complained that he was “tired of being the source of all problems”, and now he was again in the spotlight against his will. Surprisingly, the public debate does not revolve around the question “Does Leo earn too much?”, But: “Messi ruined Barcelona?” This, commentators believe, makes us believe it is a leak from the club. At the Camp Nou there are many people who do not digest the genius of Rosario and who, like the representatives of the previous council, would like to whiten their image, which suffered after the publication of reports about the dramatic financial situation of Barcelona.

“A crime has been committed.” Messi’s lawyers get nervous among “suspects”

“We’re not going to sit idly by,” Messi’s lawyers roar. They, like the club, have announced they will sue El Mundo and find the source of the leak. – Someone with this information has no future in the club. It’s disgusting, says Ronald Koeman. Potential culprits are few. The footballer’s family, several club staff as well as lawyers, LaLiga and the tax inspectorate had access to the contract. “A crime has been committed,” said Joan Laporta, the club’s former president. Of course, no one wants to fall even under the shadow of suspicion. “El Mundo” refers to a journalistic secret. Some, such as Josep Maria Bartomeu, who recently stepped down as president, have turned to the media to say they have nothing to do with the leak. The rest of Leo’s lawyers are speaking out. When they called Carles Tuskets, head of the Blaugrana management committee, they heard, “Why would I attack the club’s most valuable assets?”

Brutally honest Keman.  Brutally honest Keman. “It’s hard to get trophies.” Two players are unfit, three for sale

Barcelona pays Messi 130-140 million euros a year. But it still pays off for her

This issue should be considered. – The leak of certain numbers did not hurt us, because we know that Leo produces more than he earns, – argued Messi’s relatives. – Studies of our economists show that Leo creates a third of Barcelona’s budget, – said Laporta. It gives about 200-300 million euros a year. Assuming that the annual cost of maintaining Messi is about 130-140 million euros, there is at least a few tens of millions of profits. Where is it from? “When you sell the Barcelona brand, you do it with Messi’s face,” said Sinta Angram, who was once in charge of relations with the Blaugrana sponsors. Mark Cyria agrees. – When you talk to a potential advertiser, Messi’s image is 90 percent. slides in PowerPoint, said the Catalan economist, in which Laporte saw the head of the finance department in 2015.

“Without Messi Barcelona would never have received 1 billion euros in revenue”

Messi’s influence on the club can be seen in various aspects of his activities. When “Barca” is touring in Asia or the United States, a friendly match has two bets. If you want a Leopard without a Lion, about a million is enough, up to a million and a half. When a 33-year-old has to go out on the field, the stakes are quadrupled. Cyria says about 40 percent. People in the stands of Camp Nou used to be tourists who paid 200-300 euros for a ticket and the opportunity to see one of the best players in history. This is 20-30 million euros of revenue per year. T-shirts with the number “10” and Messi’s name make up about 60 percent. all the costumes that Blaugrana sells. Prior to the pandemic, the Barça Museum was visited by about two million people a year. The club earned about 8 percent. city ​​revenues from tourism. – Without Messi, Barcelona would never have received a billion euros, – argued economists.

Beast on the field.  He is 21 years old, he plays as a veteran.  Season opening in BarcelonaBeast on the field. He is 21 years old, he plays as a veteran. Season opening in Barcelona

The question they fear at the Camp Nou is: how much is Barcelona without Messi?

Already in August, when the Argentine sent Burafax and wanted to leave the Camp Nou, people wondered how his lack will affect the income not only of Barcelona but of the entire La Liga. Ciria claims that the cost of television contracts largely depends on the Argentine. Now they will learn about it in Barcelona. Advertisers are afraid to sign long-term contracts with her, because they do not know whether she will remain Leo, who was not easy to persuade to participate in advertising campaigns. Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten has extended its contract for one year (until June 2022), but its value – due to the pandemic and the uncertain future of the 33-year-old – has halved. The club has not reached an agreement with Beck, with whom the collaboration ends after the end of the current season and which is the third largest sponsor of “Barca” (after Nike, a contract until 2026 and “Rakutseni”). – After Messi’s departure, advertisers will not give up “Barcelona”, and she will not be able to find a sponsor. But no one wants to pay her as much as you pay with Messi in the lineup – cuts Syria.

“You want to know Messi’s numbers? Here they are!” Leo kept his end of the deal

“Anyone who says Leo’s contract is ruining Barcelona either doesn’t know you at all or wants to hurt Barca,” said Jordi Mestre, a former vice-president of the Camp Nou club and one of Blaugrana’s accomplices in the economic Messi kept his end of the deal.He received the highest salary in the world of football, but he deserved it both in terms of marketing and sports, because in recent years he was one of the best, if not the best player of the team that won four Champions Leagues and “Laliga” in 10 of the last 16 seasons. During that time, the 33-year-old has scored 650 goals and 260 assists in 755 games. ”Want to know Messi’s numbers? Here they are! “- wrote the journalists of the Argentine newspaper” Ole “.

After the departure of Neymar, Barcelona slept on record. But she has burned that money and is in crisis

In 2017, Barcelona offered him a giant contract because he was up against the wall. After Neymar’s departure, President Bartomeev only cared about the photo with the smiling Lion. In the end, he got them by paying half a billion euros for them. But then the crisis began. In recent years, “Barcelona” is managed catastrophically. Since 2015, the club has spent about one billion euros on transfers, offering players a salary disproportionate to their skills. Victor Font, Blaugrana’s presidential candidate, notes that the trouble is not that Messi earns 140 million euros a year. The remaining contracts brought Barca to the bottom. After the sale of Neymar, the Catalans had 222 million euros in their account, as they received the largest transfer in the history of football. But that money was wasted. The simple recruitment and detention of Philippe Coutinho, Usman Dembele or Antoine Griezmann cost the Catalans more than 600 million euros. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Today, Barcelona is in the worst economic crisis in recent years. The Catalans have a short-term debt of 730 million euros, of which 196 million euros is the payment of transfers. This year they will spend 74% on salaries. revenue, which is definitely more than UEFA recommends (60 percent). The total debt is 1.173 billion euros. – In the difficult situation of Barcelona, ​​it is not Messi’s fault, but the effect of the coronavirus pandemic, – argued the president of LaLiga Javier Tebas.

“The ruins are not Leo’s contract, but the fact that someone is trying to blame him for the directors’ mistakes.”

The ruin that El Mundo wrote about is not Leo’s contract, but the fact that someone is trying to blame the Argentine for the mistakes of the leaders who, along with the pandemic, led the Catalans to collapse. According to Ruben Uriah, who was interviewed in September by a 33-year-old boy in which he confirmed that he wants to leave, Leo’s fault is not that the club has hired agencies that have criticized him on social media. Or that President Bartomeu lied to him. Nor have many bad sporting decisions been made, such as the surcharge to Luis Suarez’s salary in the Athletic Championships. Or that at Camp Nou the problem was after the problem.

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Will the news of “El Mundo” affect the future of Messi?

On Monday, on the cover of “El Mundo” it was announced that even if Messi leaves Barcelona, ​​the club will still have to pay him 39 million euros. Earlier, this item was reported by “La Vanguardia”, which, according to Leo, has already reached an agreement with the club to distribute the payment in eight installments by June 2025. The same newspaper reported on Monday that the leak of documents would affect the Argentine’s decision about his future. Even if any of the former board members or any of the members of the management committee managed the information leak, none of these people will be at the Camp Nou after March 7, when the presidential election will take place. A little over a month, the 33-year-old has to sit down with a new potential boss and listen to his suggestions, but finally announce his plan only after the end of the season, he said in an interview with Jordi Evole on TV “La Sexta”.

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