Letter: Some off-the-wall ideas about homelessness

white cruiser ship

Why can we pull resources together during emergencies such as the Camp Fire, but we cannot come to a housing solution for our homeless population? I want our parks back to be enjoyed by all of us who live in our community.  Alas, that can’t be as our homeless residents are allowed to set up camps.

Here’s an off the wall idea:  Look at The Silver Dollar Fairgrounds and at the empty buildings that abound in our town.  Sears, K-Mart and Walgreens to name a few and consider using them as shelters.  The various groups formed to find/fund solutions may need to combine resources and may be able to strike a deal with the owning corporations, PG&E and California Water Service.  Let’s face it, camping can be fun but not year round, and winter is around the corner.

The Camp Fire was a horrendous disaster and we all did what we could to help our Paradise friends.  Let us pull together to find solutions for the pervading disaster of homelessness.

— Cheri Moniz, Chico

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