Lionel Messi: Joan Laporta revealed his plan to get the Argentine to continue at FC Barcelona …

The candidate for the presidency of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta has ensured that he is convinced that he can Lionel Messi smile again as a Blaugrana and, if so, believe that the Argentine, who ends his contract this season, will help them create “a new Barça”.

Messi already begins to smile a little, but I would like you to smile more and you have to help him by building a team, and make him feel loved again. If so, it will help us create a new team that will last 10-15 years.”, He declared at a press conference.

In his opinion, the Argentine is already beginning to smile somewhat with the improvement of the team, but not enough. “We have to get Leo to smile again. If this is achieved, we can go back to aspiring to everything”, He reiterated.

And for Messi to smile again, Laporta assures that he must be “convinced” that the team can win again ‘Champions’ and all the titles. “That will end up deciding that he continues at Barça, he predicted.

On the other hand, he celebrates that Ronald Koeman motivates the players in front of the press. “I understand that a coach has to challenge the players to give their best. We left the Cádiz game, which was not fortunate, and tried to use the impulse that it could not fail against Elche, and it did not fail ”, he celebrated.

Yesterday’s result leaves us with 5 points, we are there and there is a League. Koeman is trying to motivate players, it’s the right thing to do”, He added in this regard, showing optimism regarding the team’s aspirations in LaLiga Santander.

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