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The fans of FC Barcelona they live with uncertainty before the possible exit of Lionel Messi at the end of June this year. Although the Argentine star has stated that he will not decide anything until the end of the season, there are indications that he will change his shirt for the first time in his career. For Carlos Tevez, one of the players who best knows the Rosario genius, the decision to leave would be totally justified, although he acknowledges that it would be strange to see him with other colors.

“You are entering an age in which you see that you have little career left, and you see that the team does not accompany you … it is difficult, but he more than anyone knows the decision he will make in June, although I cannot imagine it. I read with another shirt that is not the Barcelona one “, said the Boca Juniors forward in statements to the Argentine channel ‘TyC Sports’.

On the other hand, Carlos Tevez affirmed that winning a World Cup with Argentina’s senior team is the only thing missing from Lionel Messi in his carrer. Article link

The ‘Apache’ is convinced that Rosario pursues the dream like no one else.

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The only thing that Leo needs is to win a World Cup, football owes it, it hurts him more than anyone else, it can hurt us as Argentines, but it hurts more than anyone else, have no doubts” , said.

It is already in the sights of PSG

A week ago, PSG publicly acknowledged that it is interested in Leo Messi. Leonardo Araujo, sports director of the capital, assured that a footballer of the stature of the Barcelona crack “Will always be on the list” of possible signings. However, the Brazilian leader prefers to take this situation calmly.

“Great players like Messi will always be on the PSG list. But of course, this is not the time to talk about it or dream about it. But we are sitting at the great table of those who are closely following the file “, said the representative of ‘Les Parisiens’ in an interview with the magazine ‘France Football’.

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