Lionel Messi writes a moving farewell message to Arturo Vidal – Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi is sad for Arturo Vidal, who will soon be joining Inter Milan. He also wrote an emotional farewell message.

The Chilean midfielder spent two seasons at Barcelona and helped the club win La Liga in his first season at Camp Nou.

However, Barça’s top brass are looking to unleash a number of senior players this summer, including Vidal, Luis Suárez and Ivan Rakitic, to rejuvenate the team after a disastrous season that ended in a humiliating 2-8 loss to him. Bayern Munich in the Champions League last month.

Vidal arrived in Milan on Sunday night (local time) and will complete his 1 million euro signing alongside Antonio Conte on Monday.

However, Messi admits that Vidal’s departure will be felt in the Barça dressing room.

“I only know them face to face and you always seem like a phenomenal player to me, but then I was lucky enough to meet you in person and you surprised me even more,” Messi wrote on his aforementioned Instagram account. Between of Metro, Monday (9/21/2020).

“Two years we shared a lot and you made yourself heard a lot, the players will miss you, Arturo. I wish you the best in this new stage in your new club. We will meet again, for sure ”, he added.

Vidal is known for being outspoken in expressing his views on his club, for example last month when he criticized Barcelona’s board of directors for their inability to build a competitive team.

“Barcelona must first change their way of thinking because football has improved a lot,” said the 33-year-old.

“DNA has lagged behind and other teams are improving in other ways. Today, soccer is more physical, more about strength and speed, and technical ability can sometimes be secondary, “he added.

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