Lionel Messi’s new home is worth this fortune | El Futbolero USA

Lionel Messi’s home is Casteldefells, a beautiful zone of Barcelona that relies close to the beach. A very exclusive residential zone where most of his soccer club’s team-mates also live. In meantime, the Argentinian legend is playing the last four months of his contract with the club, ahead of a possible free transfer to somewhere else.

It’s price, initially, was $6.5 million, but due to some modifications, it raised a lot. The Argentinian master is likely to know it next month, but he is not moving there yet. Of course, this is also depending on the multiple possible destinations it can have in case he leaves Barcelona. It was built with the same facilities and details that any other in Europe.

Messi will try to be very happy in this new place.

Located towards the north of one of world’s largest countries in the world, Argentina, the province of Santiago del Estero has just finished building a new soccer stadium. Its capital city has the same name. Lionel Messi is likely to be playing there next March 26 when Argentina hosts Uruguay for the Conmebol 2022 World Cup Qualifiers. The total expenditure is estimated over $10 million, despite some sources even claim $50 million. Yes, soccer stadiums’ building.

The “Estadio Único Madre de Ciudades” (“Unique Mother of Cities Stadium”), name given after the popular way to refer to Santiago del Estero, given it’s the oldest city in Argentina , was approved as one of the Copa América 2021 venues. Paraguay will play against Uruguay and Chile for Group A. The stadium will have its baptism hosting the Argentine Supercup match between River Plate and Racing Club.

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