Manchester City, Leo Messi’s perfect passport to go to MLS

One of the most famous revelations of the interview of Leo Messi with Évole it was that “illusion” that the Argentine footballer keeps with the possibility of one day playing in state United to live the experience reported by MLS and live in a country like the American one. It was surprising to hear it from the voice of the culé player, his desire to try in America before ending his career as a footballer, before hanging up his boots.

“Me I always had the illusion of being able to live the experience of living in the United States and live what that League is and what life is there. If it happens or not, then I would like to live in Barcelona again », Leo said in Lo de Évole, it was an interview in which another version of Messi was seen, more human and less of a footballer, more fragile but also more sincere. He did not close the door to his continuity at Barça but he did leave it ajar to possible events.

Joining pieces, the possibility of landing one day in the MLS added to the more than possible output of Messi of the Barça at the end of this season they form a new cocktail that we will call citizen. He Manchester City sees today the signing of the Argentine more feasible than ever. He City is a conglomerate of clubs (City Football Group) that, among other things, has as exponents the whole of the Premier League and to New York City of the Major League Soccer. And what better city than New York to play in the MLS and experience the United States?

In fact, the Manchester City He already offered that possibility last summer to the Argentine, when the desire to Messi to leave the Barça at the end of the season. Already at that time they knew in Manchester the wishes and dreams of Leo, and for that reason they negotiated a tremendous offer for him. Ferran Soriano, CEO of the citizens and who coincided with Messi at Barça, negotiated with the father of the culé a three-season contract with him Manchester City plus two in New York City to close his career at age 38 in the United States, in MLS. In addition, he thought he would match the contract he signed with the Blaugrana before the snipe to which he was forced by the club’s financial crisis.

That came to nothing. Messi pressed with the burofax but at Barça they decided to close ranks and prevent the Argentine from leaving the club. He did not want court problems and decided to stay another season in Barcelona despite not doing it at ease. With the horizon still very black for the culés and with the open and public declaration of Leo, Manchester City of Pep Guardiola He has in his power to convince him to take up that offer and accept conditions similar to those agreed in the summer.

Messi He also acknowledged that he keeps his relationship alive with Guardiola, with whom he regularly talks and talks “only” about football. He said he spoke little of the future with him but he cannot deny that the Catalan was the best coach he ever had, so meeting him again in Manchester, where he recently renewed, would be an extra incentive for the Argentine, who wants a competitive team that fights for everything, something you can enjoy again in a league as demanding as the Premier League and with one of the most expensive squads in the world such as City.

Of the MLS rumors also came last summer from Miami The team of David beckham was another of those who offered the possibility to Leo Messi to fulfill his dream. Eduardo Inda revealed in February that the English wanted to take the 10 culé to his Inter Miami as the great banner of your project. Although, according to his statements in this last interview, it seems that Messi He still has a few years left at the highest level, so the option of Manchester City-NY City it could carry more weight than any other that comes to mind.

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