Messi and Sergio Ramos, free to negotiate with another club

The new year begins and as always the players who end their contract can start conversations with other clubs to discuss their professional future.

Players who signed until June 30, 2021 can negotiate with other clubs from today, with total freedom. Messi, Sergio Ramos, Depay, Ibrahimovic, Alaba, Agüero … and many more. The turn of the year has placed all of them on the market and suitors will not be lacking.

The captains of Barcelona and Real Madrid are undoubtedly two of the names with the most pull in free agency. The Argentine (33 years old) has not given clues about his future and announced that he will make a decision once the season is over. The 34-year-old Sevillian wants to continue wearing white, but his renovation at the moment is being a paved road given his age.

Ramos is not the only Real Madrid footballer who is free at the end of the course. Modric (35 years old) and Lucas Vázquez (29) are also free to negotiate with another club, if they so wish.

Outside of LaLiga, there are also other ‘top’ players who are free. At Bayern, reigning Champions, David Alaba (28 years old) seems destined to change clubs and ‘girlfriends’ are not lacking. Madrid, Juve and Inter have knocked on his door and are following him closely. Javi Martínez (32), likewise, is free to decide his future.

In France, Memphis Depay (26 / Lyon), Juan Bernat (27 / PSG), Draxler (27 / PSG), Thauvin (27 / Olympique de Marseille) and Ángel Di María (32 / PSG) are the two free players with more poster and in Italy there are also flashy footballers to take the glove.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (39 years old), Calhanoglu (36) and Gianluigi Donnarumma (21), three key players in Milan, will be able to freely decide their future from now on, just like Milik (26 / Naples) or Mkhitaryan (31 / Rome)

And of course, in the English Premier there is also a succulent group of players who end their contract. Sergio Agüero (32 / ManCity), Eric Garcia (19 / ManCity), Juan Mata (32 / ManUtd.), Lingard (26 / ManUtd.), Cavani (33 / ManUtd.), Wijnaldum (30 / Liverpool), Giroud (34, Chelsea), Özil (32 / Arsenal) or Rose (30 / Tottenham) are some of the players who can hear offers from now on.

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