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Barcelona presidential candidate Joan Laporta believes Lionel Messi does not put more money than titles. Messi just needs Barcelona’s attention.

The story of Barcelona with Lionel Messi is in danger of ending at the end of this season. The Argentine mega star’s contract is completed in June and there are no signs of renewal.

Messi has wanted to leave Barcelona since the start of this season because he was disappointed by the club’s projects that were without careful planning. Last season Barcelona did not win a title and was in danger of being repeated this season.

Blaugrana is in third place in the Spanish League standings, and is behind to the second leg of the Copa del Rey semifinals and the last 16 of the Champions League.

Messi himself was also in the spotlight because recently his bombastic contract value was revealed. His last contract was worth Rp. 9.4 trillion for four years, which is thought to have contributed to disproportionate Barcelona’s finances.

The issue has become the spice of speculation about his future at Barcelona, ​​about Messi’s reluctance to continue his career there. Barcelona presidential candidate Joan Laporta believes Messi only wants help to win back, not chasing money.

“Giving him affection is very important. The love story between Messi and Barcelona is one of the most beautiful in football,” Laporta was quoted as saying Marca.

“He must be loved, he deserves it. And he must be rewarded with an economic offering that makes him feel valuable, but he is not driven by money.”

“I know him, I have a good relationship with him and have great respect for him. He is a champion. All he wants is to win again, with Barcelona,” he added.

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