Messi, Ramos, Aguero and Di Maria top the list of players who can freely negotiate in 2021

Almost everything is closed on the first day of each year. The world is recovering from the effects of the previous one, especially this 2020, which has just been left behind and has done so much damage. Every January 1 is a day of transition between the one that has ended and the one that has begun. In football everything is different.

The start gives free rein to players who complete their commitments at the end of the course. Footballers are allowed to negotiate their future with anyone to secure a future after signing a contract.

Leo Messi tops a long list of “deals”. The Argentine star is concluding her relationship with him Barcelona in June. Months ago, no one planned to purchase it. But this burafax changed everything. What Messi the desire to leave his club was unimaginable, now anything can happen.

Lionel Messi in the game

Austrian David Alaba It is also part of the big targets that are now available, as are other famous names such as Argentina Sergio Kuhn Ager Oh Angel Di Maria, until recently unavailable, and now open and waiting for any suitor.

Alaba It was one of the great successes Bavaria Munich who arrived early and young. Together with the Madrid player Sergio Ramos, who also ends his commitment to Real Madrid in June, are the most authoritative defenders on the list.

Sergio Aguero will be ten years in Manchester City. He has had no continuity in recent years and he could leave England next summer. At 32 and the idea of ​​the last big contract in his hands is a solution.

Sergio Aguero during the match with Manchester City

Like his compatriot Angel Di Maria, the undisputed starter in every team he played for. With unmatched delivery this is a staple in Paris Saint-Germain who always turned away from every offer the Argentine received. Coming to the bench of compatriot Maurizio Pachetino can encourage his continuity.

The French champion works in offices. In addition to Tell Mary, German Julian Draxler or Spanish Juan Bernat There are six months left before leaving the club. And next year this situation will be for Kilian Mbappe Oh Neymar.


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