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Original title: Messi will not look back after the contract is exposed

The conflict between Messi and Barcelona has escalated in an unexpected way: Spanish media recently revealed that it was allegedly signed between Barcelona and Messi from 2017 to June 2021.contract.According to this contract, Messi can get up to 138 million per yearEURSalary before tax; even after tax, the annual salary of 69 million euros is much higher than that of Ronaldo (31 million euros).

Messi is a superstar, but is it worth more than twice the salary of Ronaldo? I believe that most people will have such questions when they see this news.

This is also the purpose of the exposer.Barcelona was recently exposedLiabilities1.1 billion euros,short term700 million euros to be repaid within.In desperation, Messi’s sky-high contract is suspected to be made public, and it is easy for the outside world to call BarcelonaBorrowofresponsibilityBlame Messi.

Judging from the source of the informant, this contract has certain credibility, but it is also very misleading. First of all, Messi can only get this huge sum of money only after completing all the contract terms, but in fact Messi has many friendly matches that have not participated in, and it is impossible to reach the maximum salary; secondly, Messi’s salary is indeed high. It is higher than Ronaldo, but it is also worth noting that the new club has to pay hundreds of millions of euros in transfer fees for several transfers of Ronaldo, while Messi has been staying in Barcelona. Therefore, the club really bears the cost of Messi. In fact, there is no huge gap in salary.

More importantly, the contract was signed after repeated discussions and two-way recognition between Messi and Barcelona. No one is compelled, and the contract should be respected and fulfilled, instead of “cursing” while paying. The most basic contract spirit.

This contract is most likely to be the current BarcelonamanagementProvided to the media, in order to dump the huge debt to Messi.Treating someone like this has brought countless honors andsponsorShang’s meritorious players are really unflattering. And judging from the reaction of the Barcelona fans after the contract was disclosed, I am afraid it has also disappointed the management. More Barcelona fans have not been “righteous” towards Messi as they expected.

Either really angry or pretending to be, now both Messi and Barcelona are preparing to sue the media that exposed the contract. In any case, after this incident, the relationship between Messi and Barcelona inevitably deteriorated further. Messi is free to leave at the end of the season. Although his worth decides that he does not dare to take over easily, he should have decided to leave Camp Nou and it is increasingly impossible to look back.

(Source: Yangcheng Evening News)

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