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Leo Messi’s contract leaves no one indifferent and has generated a great controversy in Barcelona among the Barça fans themselves. Although one sector considers that the footballer is the best in the world, must be paid as such and reports income commensurate with the figure he receives, another group considers indecent that such amount of money is shuffled in a football contract, regardless of the impact it has on the club, which is immersed in a serious economic crisis. It must be remembered that the Rosario contract, which expires on June 30, for which Barça has paid in the last four years amounts to 555,237,619 euros, that is, 138.8 million gross per year, according to has had access the newspaper «El Mundo». In this regard, the club has already announced that it will take “legal action” for the content of this information as it is confidential information and the player has also put the matter in the hands of his lawyers.

Victor Font, a candidate for the presidency of Barcelona, ​​was one of the first to speak. The employer does not see any problem in the figures he is paid and considers that his salary is deserved. “Leo Messi has earned every last euro that Barça has paid him. He has not ruined us. Unlike. He is the best player in history and we want him to stay with us forever, “he says. Keep in mind that Font advocates the continuity of Messi, with whom he plans to hold a meeting if he wins in the elections on March 7. Since the candidacy of Joan Laporta there has not been an official pronouncement but rather than assessing the amounts that the Argentine receives, the criticisms are aimed at the contract leak, so they see a black hand that wants to harm Barça and hinder the renewal of the footballer. «Many years ago they opened the fan of crap so that Guardiola (player) did not renew. Now they do it with Messi. Always from inside the club, always from behind, with cowardice, and they are always the same, those who live Barça and life with rancor and without a soul, ”Jordi Finestres, a person closely linked to Joan Laporta, published on his personal account.

A good part of the social mass relates the appearance of the contract with the situation of Messi himself when there are five weeks before the elections take place. It is evident that Messi’s salary is a hot potato for the one who is chosen as the new president, since Barcelona’s debt (1,174 million euros) forces a salary cut and to adapt the emoluments of all its players. In addition, it weighs heavily on the margin of maneuver of the sports management, which is limited in its ability to sign. Messi’s contract makes the staff more expensive and forces to get rid of footballers who also have a high salary, as was the case this past summer with Luis Suárez, Rakitic or Arturo Vidal. A large part of Barça fans assumes that all the figures have been leaked from within to facilitate the departure of the Argentine star and justify the decision. “We will offer Messi a proposal that is consistent for him and for the club,” Laporta constantly assures, who knows that he cannot maintain the same cost. Even Toni Freixa he stands firm when asked about Messi: «To talk about Messi you have to stand up, but you have to have a very realistic message. We would love for Messi to continue at the club until he retires, but we will manage the club with the club itself in mind first. Not even the best player in history like Leo Messi is above ».

In any case, beyond the intention of each candidate and Messi’s receptivity when negotiating a hypothetical new contract, a doubts about the convenience of its continuity. The relationship was touched last summer, after the burofax that the attacker sent to Bartomeu demanding his departure. Although Messi seems to have regained his illusion on the pitch, no one is aware that the clashes he has suffered in recent years have made a big dent in him. The publication of your contract is a new blow and confirms your defenseless in the public eye. “I’m tired of being to blame for everything at this club,” he recently released when asked about his relationship with Griezmann. He had just been detained and investigated by some agents of the Tax Agency on the plane from which he was returning after playing with Argentina. He ghost of a definitive escape He plans again, if he ever freaked him out at all, as happened a few years ago when he was tried and convicted of tax fraud.

Social networks burn with mixed messages. Although the majority blame the previous board for the player’s pharaonic contract by accepting excessive clauses, a good part of the Catalans fans argue that if Barcelona was able to budget more than a billion euros of income it was thanks to the Messi’s power of attraction over sponsors and advertisers, who have reached millionaire agreements with the club, impossible if the Rosario did not wear a blaugrana. Beyond all the titles won by the club, with mediocre showcases until his arrival. However, with 33 years, an irregular start to the season and a transitory project, his departure would not be a hecatomb as if it had occurred a few years ago. The debate is served but what is clear is that if someone was looking for the player’s exit, he has paved the way and given him a slight push to help him decide without being censured by Barcelona.

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