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If Lucrezia Borgia, Catherine de ‘Medici and Catherine Sforza competed for one guy, the intrigue would still be less than in “Barcelona”. The club barely copes with a load of all sorts of real problems – but as if that’s not enough, ephemeral problems keep popping up. Insane rumors, gossip, and sometimes a very real event – but presented in such a specific “everything is gone” context, as if every day the club dies like never before.

Now jerked in the newspaper El Mundo. In the big material appeared all the details of the current contract of Leo Messi. It turns out he is huge: 555 million euros over four years, colossal bonuses, including those not related to sports results. The newspaper, by the way, is Madrid. This is important, but more on that later.

Why there really is no sensation

555 million euros over five years. It is, of course, a bomb. But before we fall unconscious, let’s now separate the actual news from the new. First, everyone is a little enthusiastic and writes that 555 million is just a basic salary. This is not the case. The El Mundo article clearly outlines the income structure. Here is a screenshot of the page.

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555 million is all the money that “Barcelona” pays, taking into account all possible bonuses, some of which are already unattainable. Divide into four years (this is its duration) – it turns out 138 million a year. Again, with bonuses. And now the attention: didn’t anyone know yet that Messi gets over 100 million a year? It’s no secret. For example, data on his salary is in the article “Championship” from April 2020, devoted to reductions due to coronavirus. Referring to Forbes, the article says that Messi earns more than 120 million euros a year, of which 90 million is the basic salary at the club, not counting bonuses.

Messi’s salary decreased from 866 to 260 thousand euros per week. And what about other stars?

We believe that the crisis has changed the salaries of the highest paid players: Ronaldo, Pogba, Neymar and others.

That was a year ago. I certainly apologize. But then what is the news? What is the sensation? In that annual income multiplied by four years of contract? Indeed, it came out four times more. The sensation is ready. The powerful headline Messi’s contract destroys “Barcelona” – this is also the original message of the original article.

Bomb, sensation, shock. And there is no news. Sorry, actually, the news really is there. It’s just not a salary. The material of El Mundo paid special attention to the formation of bonuses. Most are not related to athletic performance. For example, 115 million for signing a contract. Or 78 million for loyalty. Huge, striking sums. Although again: in any case, the effect of the total amount of half a billion (in which they are included) is no longer interrupted.

Could it be agreed with Messi for smaller bonuses? And generally for less money. Personally, I’m sure it is. “Barcelona” agreed badly. But this is not surprising, because it was agreed Joseph Bartom. The man who spent 400 million euros on Griezmann, Dembel and Coutinho. Was it possible to pay Messi less? Yes. Is Bartomeu capable of a good deal? None. Here is the answer.

In light of this contract, Messi also looks bad – no matter how exactly the money is distributed, and whether it was actually known about his salary before. Just remember that any salary is always a trade. And Messi has always been in a winning position. Just in case, let me remind you: the figure of 555 million appeared only now, in 2021. And it is conditional. It does not exist in accounting. And there is a sum to be paid each year. And – another important detail – the contract is not made now. Do you remember when Messi extended his contract?

How to evaluate Messi’s contract

Messi continued in late 2017. He was 30 years old, he scored bundles in the Championship and the Champions League. And handed out in packs. And in “Barcelona” just came Ernesto Valverde, Suddenly played Peacock, the club endured all in the Champions League and Championship. Remember that season? “Barcelona” showed outstanding football, suffered its first defeat in the last round and flew out of the Champions League only because it was too reassuring to its own advantage over “Roma”.

The club prospered financially, and its best player brought trophies. Messi’s contract was very difficult, but definitely not destructive. If it was destructive, it is unlikely that “Barcelona” could afford to buy both dumbbells and Coutinho six months before the extension, and six months later to snatch unnecessary Malcolm from the plane to Rome for another 40 million. If the contract was destructive, “Barcelona” would not would be able to buy in the summer of 2019, in addition to Griezmann, and de Jong for 80 million, well, for a trifle Firpo for 18.

The contract does not destroy “Barcelona”, all the circumstances were destructive. Heavy salaries for all age leaders at once (not just Messi), huge losses from the coronavirus, failed expensive transfers, sports failures – all this has accumulated and led to the fact that now the club is in debt of 1.2 billion. .

And now attention.

Why did the publication in El Mundo appear right now? What happened? It so happened that “Barcelona” published a financial report for the year.

“Barcelona” is mired in debt! Is she threatened with bankruptcy?

The total debt of the European top club exceeds one billion euros!

Bankruptcy speculation is inevitable. By the way, if suddenly rumors turn out to be more than rumors, it threatens huge trouble for ex-President Bartomeu. The fact is that the new management may through the court demand prior compensation for damages. And then suddenly there is an investigation by El Mundo that the club is destroying Messi’s contract. What a coincidence.

The newspaper received not just numbers, but screenshots of documents. Most media outlets agree that there are only four copies of the contract. One in Messi, one in his lawyers, one in “Barcelona”, one in the league. Who could drain? The league whose president Javier Tebas immediately rushed to Messi’s defense with statements that “to blame the financial situation is not a pandemic, but the best player in the world – nonsense.” Maybe your own father acting as Messi’s agent? Could it be “Barcelona,” which is now run by Bartomeu ally Carles Tuskets, who previously worked at the club as a treasurer and director of financial development and is now acting president? By the way, he faces the same consequences as Bartomeu if the future leadership goes to court. Who would you choose?

“Barcelona” got rid of Bartomeu. Everyone is happy. What’s next?

He left just as he ran the club.

“Barcelona” has already made a loud statement: the club has announced that it will sue. More precisely, how to “sue” … Here is what the quote looks like: “Football Club” Barcelona “denies any responsibility for the publication of this document and will take all necessary legal steps in response to any damage that may cause publication.” Will not sue for publication. And will respond to the damage that the publication can cause. Very streamlined. In general, I would not expect a trial. And in general: what is the court here? The newspaper received the information and published it. It has already happened, for the future of the club it is much more important who exactly shared the information.

The main problem of “Barcelona” is not money

It’s time to go back to where I started. The information was leaked to a newspaper from Madrid. Naturally, this is no reason to question it. It’s about something else. Madrid and Barcelona are antagonists, and not only in football. And if someone at Real Madrid and Barça wants to share information with journalists for their personal purposes, each city has enough of its own media to do so without the involvement of historical rivals. For example, through Mundo Deportivo, a publication known for its loyalty to Josep Bartomeu.

But the informant went to Madrid. Maybe for the sake of more hype, maybe for some other reason (not to turn to the same journalists to whom I gave information before?) – all the same. Whatever the reasons, a person from the top management of the Catalan club did not turn to the local media. Took in allies of historical enemies.

All this is an endless murky story of intrigue. In general, in the last couple of years, “Barcelona” has turned into a hellish pile of intrigue. By the way, Bartomeu and the favorite of the upcoming election Joan Laporta quarrel. And Tuskets refused to meet with Laporte before the election.

Intrigue is everywhere. The inner life of “Barcelona” in the Bartomeu era is so reminiscent of public life in the Renaissance that it is even a little scary. This is the main problem of the club now. Not in the money. Money can be earned, and “Barcelona” – among the best in this. But the undercover struggle really destroys. Remember the investigation into the I3 Ventures case: the club paid the SMM agency for harassing its own players on social media. Remember how Bartomeu left Messi at the club against his will, taking advantage of the fact that the season ended abnormally late – and at the same time refused to meet in person. As Luis Suarez was deprived of a farewell match.

Not too much intrigue? By the way, as the main photo to the material selected a portrait of the girl brush Bartolomeo Veneto. The portrait is called “courtesan”, but everyone knew that it actually depicted Lucrezia Borgia.


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