Messi’s contract was filthier richer than we imagined ($674 million) – The Game Room – Straight …

A Spanish newspaper leaked the details:

Messi was earning a salary of 138 million euros per year (over $166 million/year), and got a 115 million euro renewal fee and a 78 million euro loyalty bonus.

Look, I am a huge Messi fan, so I’m not begrudging him anything. But I do have a few ignorant-American questions:

  • Is a renewal fee and loyalty bonus the norm in European football, and how is it different than a signing bonus in American sports?
  • Why is a team like Barca over 400 million euros in debt? Is debt the norm for European teams? Are any North American teams in debt?
  • How much would it cost to sell a player like Messi?
  • Why were his contract details secret? Is it customary for European sports salaries to be secret? In American sports, they’re all totally public.

And now Leonil and Barca are suing. I guess freedom of the press isnt a thing in Spain. Things will get Messi.

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