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Jorge Messi, father and representative of the forward Barcelona, Lionel Messi, made public this Friday the clause of the player’s contract by which he can dissociate himself, without compensation, from the Barça club.

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“As literally stated in clause of the contract signed between the club and the player, this compensation (the 700 million euros of its termination clause) will not be applied when the termination of the contract by unilateral decision of the player takes effect from the end of the 2019-2020 sports season ”, he explains Jorge Messi in a letter addressed to Javier Tebas, president of the Professional Football League.

LaLiga has aligned itself with the thesis of Barcelona, ​​which ensures that Messi He must pay the 700 million of his clause if he wants to go to another team, having requested his release letter after June 10, a date that he designates as the limit to terminate the year that remained of his contract without compensation on his part.

Jorge Messi shows LaLiga Messi's contract for which he is free

Jorge Messi shows LaLiga Messi’s contract for which he is free. (EFE)

The father of the Argentine star considers that, when it comes to making a legal pronouncement, the body that runs Tebas has incurred an “obvious partiality for the role that such institution represents, in defense of the interests of its associates, which are the clubs of football”.

And he qualifies as “obvious error” of LaLiga to estimate that the contract between the Barça and Messi contemplates the obligation to pay that clause by the Argentine international.

“Without prejudice to other rights that are included in the contract and that you omit, it is obvious that the compensation of 700 million euros, provided for in clause, does not apply at all,” concludes Jorge Messi in his letter.

He father of ’10’ He has been in Barcelona since Wednesday to resolve the future of his son, who has made public his wish not to wear the Barça shirt again and who has refused to start the preseason with his teammates.

However, Barça refuses to give him the letter of freedom and does not agree to negotiate with another club a possible transfer. He has even let Messi know his desire to renew him for another two seasons.

LaLiga responds that there is “decontextualized interpretation” Messi’s contract

LaLiga responded to the message sent from the player’s environment Leo messi and he pointed out that he has made “a decontextualized interpretation away from the literality of the contract they carry out, which is why it is reiterated in the statement published on August 30”.

“From LaLiga a response to the message sent from the environment of the player Leo Messi has been transferred. This response reveals and confirms the decontextualized interpretation and away from the literality of the contract they make, so LaLiga reiterates in the statement published last August 30, “the agency said in a statement.

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