Pochettino reopens the door to Messi and closes it to Barça

The Paris Saint-Germain coach, Mauricio Pochettino, assured that “it would be beautiful” to train his compatriot Lionel messi and stated that he would never direct FC Barcelona because of his past at Espanyol.

In an interview with RMC radio, Pochettino He pointed out about the Barcelona attacker that “a club like PSG has to be attentive to all the options on the market.”

“The club has a strategy to improve. If given the opportunity (to train Messi) would be very beautiful, but if not, nothing happens. We share love for Newell’sWe both wore that jersey, we have that bond. But it will be seen, it is not known what the future will bring us and if our paths will cross, “he said.

Pochettino, who gave the interview last Friday, before suffering his first defeat on the PSG bench this Sunday, said he feels that his team is the favorite in the knockout round of the Champions League against Barcelona.

“We will see how each club arrives, it still remains. The PSG will always be a favorite. Barcelona is one of the greats in the world, like Paris, but we have to believe that we can beat a team like Barcelona. I am more than convinced that we have the talent and the ability, we have to arrive in good shape, “he said.

The Argentine coach assured that, due to his past at Espanyol, he could never sit on the Barça bench and considered the rumors that he could have replaced Barça unfounded. Ernesto Valverde last year.

“I have a lot of affections for Espanyol, I spent 12 years playing and five as a coach. In Europe it has been the club where I have spent more time. The great rivalry that exists would make it impossible for me to work for Barcelona. There have been many rumors. For me it would be impossible. My name, my face, is linked to Espanyol, “he said.

“We have that identity, which connects with a part of the city and it would be impossible to train Barcelona. Like training the Marseilles”Assured the one who was also a PSG player.

On the possibility that the Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos sign for PSG, Pochettino He stated that he has never referred to the captain of the merengue team and said that some of his statements were taken out of context.

“I never spoke of Sergio. My answer was taken out of context. I answered about any player who would come and it was taken to mean him. I never spoke of Sergio”He commented.

Pochettino was convinced that Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, who end their contract at PSG in 2022, will stay “many years” at the club.

“I think the two footballers are going to stay at PSG for a long time, I am optimistic, the club is working to make them stay with us. It’s a feeling and it’s what I see, both with Ney as with Kylian, they are happy, they enjoy. It is necessary to create the framework for them to stay ”, he indicated.

He especially praised Mbappe, which is not going through its best moment: “Who does not love Kylian, with his smile, he is young, world champion at 18, it is normal to love him, everyone who is by his side loves him ”.

“He is very mature, he is 20 years old but he is very mature, it seems that he was a man of 35, he is very intelligent, very intuitive and he understands that there are moments in football with ups and downs. You have to be positive and try to improve. We had no doubts about him, we have spoken with him but also with the others. He is very serene and knows that he will score again ”, he assured.

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