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Lionel Messi at Paris Saint-Germain next summer? Perhaps. Leonardo, Leandro Paredes and Mauricio Pochettino have distilled more or less clear foot calls for a few weeks. Angel Di Maria’s is pretty clear. Asked by TyC Sports, the 32-year-old Argentina international (104 caps, 20 goals) said: “I’ve always had the illusion of playing with him at a club. Every time we go to the national team, it’s too little for me. I always had the illusion of playing with him, of having him every day. ” Still, “Fideo” would still have to be a PSG player next season. However, he is at the end of his contract and “there is nothing” at the present time, according to his own admission. “I’m focused on what we can accomplish this year. There is a new technical staff. Now I am in that state of mind. I don’t have the anguish of when you’re 25. I manage it very calmly and enjoy every day, ”he adds.

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Obviously, Di Maria would not lack suitors if he were to leave Paris, he who had been debauched at Manchester United in 2015 for € 63m. Juventus, Inter Milan and Tottenham would be in the running, assures the Argentine media. In recent days, however, the trend has been more towards an extension. Suspense.

Barbecues in anticipation

The suspense is just as great concerning Messi, also free in June and which visibly makes the Parisian club fantasize. “I had, at the time, chances to go to Barcelona, ​​but it was not possible (in 2017, in the last days of the summer transfer window, editor’s note), continues Di Maria. Looks like there is another chance, but my contract ends here. I don’t know what could happen, but I would love (play with him) and be very happy. I had the chance to play with Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, (Kylian) Mbappé. Playing with Leo… I could easily retire. ” If necessary, the barbecue would heat regularly at the Di Maria’s. “My wife told me ‘if Leo comes, we at least stay and you barbecue him.’ With that, I tell you everything ”, laughs the former player of Real and Benfica. And to add: “It would be the best. I couldn’t ask for anything more in football. ” Charge to Lionel Messi to make the right decision …

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