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This week NFL week 4 with good reason, at the surreal statistics of Russell Wilson at this brilliant start to the season. His true greatness lies in the fact that without him, the Seahawks wouldn’t necessarily fly very high.

The quarterback became the first in history to throw 14 touchdown passes in his first three games. His percentage of passes completed, at 76.7%, defies all logic. If there were short passes down the flank, that success rate would be obvious, but Wilson is averaging 11.3 yards per pass attempted, which is science fiction!

Of his 14 touchdown passes, six have taken at least 20 yards in the air, showing that Wilson, more than ever before in his career, is dangerous over the long game. Already seven of his targets have registered touchdowns, which shows , once again, how much he can go to different readings and make everyone around him look good.

The 31-year-old veteran rose to the top in his position in his rookie season in 2012. It is known, however, that he never received a vote when it comes to awarding the MVP title. . He has always excelled and has slipped into discussions time and time again, but every year a Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson has had such an exceptional season that Wilson has come close behind.

This season, he’s playing like a possessed man, who wants to change the narrative once and for all.
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With an established receiver like Tyler Lockett and the emergence of youngster DK Metcalf, Wilson is not to be pitied with the tools at his disposal. Would those two widely spaced wingers be as productive, however, with a quarterback reluctant to shoot? Few of the pivots give their receivers so many chances in deep areas.

Where all of Wilson’s greatness is most apparent is when you consider how much he has to get his defense out of embarrassment.

The Seahawks are so far undefeated this season even though, for the first time in franchise history, the defense has just conceded at least 450 yards in three straight games. That same defense was peppered with 1,292 passing yards, by far the highest total in NFL history for any team.

Already, the Seahawks have won two of their three games by a possession gap. Last season, that was the case in 10 of their 11 wins.

This is a sign that even if they look good, the line between winning and losing remains extremely thin, as does the line between a good and a worse team.Russell Wilson’s greatness lies above all in his ability to put out fires in command of a team that regularly plays with quaterback game.

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