“Russell Westbrook will now decline sharply”: Many NBA executives claim the Wizards’ descent to …

The NBA executive is predicting that Russell Westbrook will suffer a steep decline in production after hitting a certain age barrier.

Russell Westbrook’s season has not been good. He averages 18.1 points, 10.2 assists and rebounds a game through nine games. Even though Rasa is almost average to triple-double for the season, his performance is not what you want to see from a player of the Rays’ caliber.

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Been an NBA executive File a claim Same for years. They are predicting that Russell Westbrook will rapidly decline as he begins to pull out of his athleticism. Rasa has not been aggressive this year. He has averaged the fewest free-throw attempts since the 2009–10 season (5.2 attempts a game). His efficiency from the charity strip is a concern, as he netted only 61% of his free-throws.

Are NBA officials right, or can Russell Westbrook defend his season?

There could be several reasons that Russell did not stay at his usual position this season. One of the main reasons may be that he is playing for the third franchise in three seasons. Rucks was a Thunder star 2 years before he was traded to the Rockets. After a year with the Rockets, he is now on a new team, in a whole new conference.

Another reason may be the lack of a pick-and-roll partner. Russell Westbrook is known for his fast-paced attacks at the rims and his infamous pick-and-rolls. We saw him a lot at OKC with his friend Steven Adams.

Magician bigman Thomas Bryant has been ruled out of the season due to an ACL injury. The Magicians are also missing Denny Aviza, Davis Bertons, Troy Brown Jr., Rui Hachimura, Ish Smith and Moritz Wagner due to the league’s health and safety protocol.

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With all these factors, no one can give an accurate judgment on Russell Westbrook and his career. Russell Westbrook, despite averaging 37% from the field, has the ability to return.

Bertons, Hachimura and Wagner are scheduled to return to the lineup soon. Hopefully, by coming back with their players, the Wizards can start working on improving their record, which currently sits at the 3–12 league level.

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