Signing Messi? It's just a fantasy: Inter Milan's director

 Giuseppe Marotta – FILE

Giuseppe Marotta – FILE

CAIRO, 26 JULY 2020: Giuseppe Marotta, director of Inter Milan, has denied linking his club to the rumors which assume the signing of the Argentinean legend, Lionel Messi.

Big news spread by the Italian newspaper ‘La Gazzetta dello’ Sport after it indicated Inter Milan’s pressure to sign Messi, who has not yet renewed his contract with Barcelona.


News came after Italian radio “Ray” claimed Messi’s father had traveled to Italy to speak with Inter.

But all this is “just a fantasy,” Marotta said.

Marotta said: “Signing Messi? This is a fantasy. Messi is not a goal for us at all. I think he definitely wants to continue his football career with Barcelona,” he added in his comments with Sky Italia.


He continued, saying: “What we are thinking now is to keep Sanchez at least until the end of the European League.”


“Until now we have not reached a solution (with United) and we are seeking to keep it at least for the end of the European League,” he said.


Inter seeks a final contract with Sanchez from Manchester United, but until now the latter has rejected even the idea of ​​the player completing the season with his Italian team.


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